photography by ERIK LUNDBACK

Backstage at Whyred AW15

Written by Felicia Eriksson

Stockholm fashion week just ended and first up was Whyred. The collection was full of well-tailored pieces, heavy and soft materials mixed with shiny fabrics and denim. The name of the collection “Time Will Tell” reveals the concept of time as one of the main inspirations. Odalisque had the chance to have a little chat with the designer Roland Hjort backstage after the show. 

FE: Tell me about the collection that we just saw!

RH: The theme for this collection is called Time Will Tell and the biggest inspiration for this has been the concept of time and its different dimensions. I had this idea about some pieces that stopped in time meanwhile other parts and pieces continued to expand. For example the pockets are really really big. We have also incorporated the shape of an hourglass, both in the silhouettes and in the cuts. When it comes to the women collection I found inspiration in this Edwardian dandy mixed with some kind of century rockabilly girl. The look I had in mind were these gang girls in London during the 50s. 

FE: Time Will Tell might aswell be a commentary on the transience of fashion?

RH: Yeah kind of, our design has always have been classified as timeless so we liked the idea about playing around with that thought. And also when it comes to the music played during the show, starting with PJ Harvey and so, we want to show off a more feminist view of a point. 

FE: Whyred opened Stockholm fashion week by being the first one showing, how are the feelings after the presentation?

RH: It was pretty nerve-racking because we got to show so early in the day, that was the hardest part for me. But it felt very exciting as well of course because we created a very strong collection. 

FE: Whyred has been in the industry for 16 years now, how are you continuing the development? 

RH: The next thing for us is to work towards the international market. Right now we’re having a very good base in Sweden and in the rest of Scandinavia so now we just have to push outwards.