Q & A with Anna Teurnell

Written by Rebecka Häggblom by Rebecka Häggblom

I was so glad when it was announced that Anna Teurnell was going to design the SS 16 collection for Marimekko. Before this she has among many other things worked for both H&M and & Other Stories.

After the show in Stockholm I asked her som quick questions about the new collection and her thoughts around it:

RH: What was your thoughts before starting to plan the new collection?

AT: I instinctively wanted a lot of dresses! Especially twin sets, because you can vary them in so many ways. Suits for men are often very well made, and I wanted to bring the same thinking into these dresses. 

One of many great tings with Marimekko is that they always produce sustainable, good quality clothes. That was something I had in mind, and wanted to keep when I designed the new collection. 

RH: Any stressed moments?

AT: Actually not. My design team was really strong and experienced so I gave them a lot of freedom to create their own visions. I had a really enjoyable time making this collection. 

RH: You chose to have the premiere show at Paris Fashion week this year, why? 

AT: We like to vary the places we show our collections in. Earlier we have shown for example in both Tokyo and New York. This year Paris felt perfect.

RH: Is there something in the new collection that especially characterises you?

AT: That is of course hard to say but maybe the modern silhouettes. They feel really here and now. Good quality and adding something unexpected such as a bright color to the garments. ’’Corny’’ but modern. Oh, and then as I earlier mentioned the masculine touches  with A lines and simple, basic silhouettes.

RH: How does it feel to work with a fashion house that has its own fabric factory so nearby, just outside of Helsinki?

AT: Luxury. We also have our offices there, and we work and design the prints directly on site. For me this is a sign of good quality to be able to go and look at the freshly made prints and discuss them directly with our fabric printer Peter Juslin. Peter has been working with Marimekko for years and he truly knows the craft. We do everything ourselves, and I see this as a great advantage and privilege.