Carl Kostyál - For Pete's Sake

Written by Fashion Tales

The late Peter Amdam was a musician, DJ, art critic, editor, curator and literary scholar with a particular love of philosophy, aesthetics and the history of ideas. He was an international figurehead in the so-called straight-edge genre, the driving force of the bands Onward, Sportswear and For Pete’s Sake. He was an editor at Natt og Dag, a regular contributor to and a host of other publications and, during the past five years, also increasingly engaged in organizing exhibition projects, often in collaboration with Carl Kostyál gallery.

This exhibition is a homage and a farewell party all at once, For Pete’s Sake brings together a number of the artists Peter admired and collaborated with.

The exhibition For Pete's Sake at Carl Kostyál, Stockholm
25th August - 25th September, 2016