THIS IS ME NOT BEING YOU Presents Perceptive Variations

Written by Fashion Tales

From the 23rd to the 26th of November 2016 the space of Via Circo 1 in Milan will host Perceptive Variations, the second photographic exhibition by THIS IS ME NOT BEING YOUTIMNBY project, curated by Micaela Flenda, production by The Candy Box, in collaboration with Studio Modulo, Graficartiere and Spotify Italia.

The show-case hosts the works of 8 international photographers: Linda Brownlee, Cristina Coral, Can Dagarslani, Parker Day, Polly Penrose, Katrin Olafs, Jill Schweber and Camille Rouzaud.

The theme on which the exhibition focuses is the relationship between identity and physicality. In front of the multiplicity of existence, we cannot help but ask ourselves an important question: what does “I” mean today? Merleau-Ponty believed that the sense of subjectivity originated from the perception of the body and recognition of identity passed through what we feel, and more specifically through what we perceive: the body has a role as a bridge between consciousness and reality, and generates an incredible kaleidoscope of experiences through which an individual has the opportunity to learn about their surroundings and recognize himself.