Liljevalchs - Vårsalong 2019

Written by Fashion Tales

January 25 - March 24

Vårsalongen 2019 takes place in the home of Carl Bergsten, in the pink house on Djurgården and the audience can queue as usual even though the work for Liljevalch's extension is in full swing.

All works are for sale and the participants have set the prices themselves. Most expensive this year is the Zorn parafras “Red sand” which costs one million kronor - perhaps as one provocative flash to the art market. SEK 340,000 wants The creator collective Forma has for its installation “17,000” in 34 parts. Cheapest is the animations by Malin Desme (SEK 200) and Karin Elmgren (600). The sale of works is ongoing throughout the exhibition period.

Since 2010, the number of applicants to Vårsalongen is steadily above 2000. This one time and time a record number was sought: 3,538 applications came in. 136 artists have has been adopted and shows a total of 254 works. This year, the women are in the majority, 79 against 57 men, and the age range remains big. Youngest is an 18 year old from Stockholm and the oldest are two who is passed the 90s. The average age is 49 years.

The jury for Vårsalongen 2019 has been composed by the artists Helene Billgren, Susanne Vollmer and Lasse Åberg, the latter also museum director,
the chairman was Liljevalch's head Mårten Castenfors.