Written by Fashion Tales

We are all experiencing challenging times, where our physical health and creative souls are endangered by COVID-19 and its consequences. For many of us it has also exacerbated the financial woes leaving one standing alone against the vicissitudes that the world currently has to offer. Therefore, we have started a project #odalisquestaycreative and asked our contributing friends to answer four questions in a video format:

How do you use your creative side to adapt yourself to the circumstances caused by COVID-19?

What have you learned so far about yourself and your business field during this crisis?

What kind of support would help you today to survive as a creative entrepreneur?

What do you think is the future of your business field after the crisis?

Our intention is to share our stories and thereby to make the world aware that we — creative entrepreneurs — still exist, still active, still ingenious, and we still need constructive support that should be properly incorporated into the cultural policy.

Let’s inspire and conceive changes together! Let’s prepare the world for tomorrow! Let’s save the culture!