Written by Fashion Tales

Odalisque visited Häringe last week for a photoshoot. We love Häringe and think you should bring your favorite person or family there, everybody needs to get away sometimes.

You can find Häringe Slott just 25 minutes south of Stockholm, in a beautiful and idyllic location. The Palace reminds of a bygone era of splendour and exaggeration. The city feels far away when you’re walking over the expansive estate, next door to the archipelago and a large nature reserve. When staying at Häringe you will eat dinner in one of the chambers, drink coffee in one of many parlours and spend the night in one of the different wings of the palace. The days are filled with long walks in the nature reserve, swim in Sweden´s first swimming pool (by 1930’s Olympic standard measurements), archipelago sauna with a fantastic view over Landfjärden, bowling in its classic skittle alley from 1930’s or inspiring meetings by the fruit garden.
The palace from 1657 has hosted many extravagant parties and guests during the years - Greta Garbo, Josephine Baker, Danny Kaye och Elisabeth Taylor - to name a few. Today, the palace welcomes everyone who wants to get away from the big city for a weekend, enjoy our palace menu on the sunny terrace and participate in creative conferences and meetings in a unique, inspiring environment.