Written by Fashion Tales


Despite current travel restrictions Hermès took us through a women’s fall winter show crossing continents. From Park Avenue Armory in New York followed by La Garde Rèpublicaine in Paris ending at the Maison Hermès in Shanghai.

Saturday 6th of March 2021

Starting off  with a harmonious powerful dance of women choreographed by Madeline Hollander who’s known for adapting the daily life in the Big Apple, technology and the elements of classical dance into a beautiful body ensemble.

Showing the runway collection in Paris , the house presented a show over the top.
With an orange box set design and a pleasant lightning that reminds of those nights a few days in to fall before the cold hit us.

This season Nadège Vanhee-Cybulsky chose to work with some interesting and unusual seen fabrics as well, like denim, of course with fine leather details - which is a signum for Hermès. Andy Warhol's quote “ I wanna die with my blue jeans on” makes total sense when seeing the show -
at least I want to enter fall in Hermés denim!

The house recently revealed a collaboration on one of their classical Victoria travel bags that will come in a lab grown “Mushroom-Leather”.

Some interesting really eye-catching accessories shown at the women's fall 21 was the chain bracelet with a Hèrmes designed lock. The bracelet can probably be wearable as a necklace as well, since the brand let their customers be creative with the accessories. Some other interesting accessories were the new 3-in-1 Birkin bag and the Hermèsway bag - the most convenient everyday mini bag with separate cases for your daily necessities.

As a house that titulars itself as a contemporary artisan, they ended the show with an artistic contemporary performance in Shanghai, choreographed by female Chinese artist Gu Jiani.

Hermès, the god of good luck and messenger to Zeus in the Greek mythology always invites a top notch performance.
This show totally created cravings for a Hermès fall!

Watch full show at www.hermes.com