Magnum x Miley

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The Multi-Platinum selling recording artist joins the luxury ice cream brand to inspire the world  to #ShowYourLayers and be true to pleasure

Magnum ice cream, the world’s authority on pleasure, has today announced its latest campaign  Miley In Layers, a collaboration with Multi-Platinum selling recording artist, songwriter and  trailblazer Miley Cyrus.

On the 10th June 2021, for the first time ever, Miley will perform a very special virtual concert  mastered in 8D sound to show the world that Pleasure Has More Than One Layer. The Miley x  Magnum live performance will see her play some of her biggest hits from her recent album  ‘Plastic Hearts’ as well as an exclusive cover of 80’s hit ‘Midas Touch’ by Midnight Star re mastered as Miley’s Touch.

With a long way to go before the pleasure of in-person live performance becomes  commonplace again, the immersive 8D sound technology creates the sensation that Miley is  live in the room with you, when played through a set of headphones. The multi-layered sound  experience will bring fans closer to Miley and will be available to watch via YouTube, offering fans all over the world a moment to indulge in the universal pleasure of music.

Magnum has always believed that a day without pleasure is a day lost, and that we should all be  able to express the different layers of our pleasure. As an advocate for individuality and self expression, Miley shares in the belief that everyone should be able to pursue what brings them true pleasure, to embrace the many layers that make them unique and proudly share these with  the world.

Talking about her collaboration with Magnum, Miley said: “The greatest super-power we have is  our individuality. As I’ve evolved as an artist, I’ve been able to explore the different layers of who  I am and what brings me pleasure - whether I’m writing, in the studio, performing on stage for  thousands of fans or wearing something that makes me feel empowered. My biggest pleasure in life is music and I’m so excited to be performing in 8D for you all. I hope this campaign with Magnum inspires everyone to embrace their own layers and proudly go after whatever it is that 

brings them pleasure.”

What does being true to pleasure mean to you?
Miley:  Being true to pleasure for me is feeling fully fulfilled at the end of the day knowing that you tried something that scared you that you conquered it, maybe even if you failed by trying, you succeeded because you didn't just live in that fear. You looked at it and you assessed it and you did your best. I always feel the kind of most fulfilled when I do when I do something that, whether it's terrifying to me or it's something new, or again, sometimes I think failure is the most important ingredient to success because the next day you have the opportunity to try again.

How do your different layers come into play in your music?
Miley: By being experimental in my lifestyle and my art and my musical choices or whether it's working on different films, I think I represent being layered as an individual, as being an artist. I think by having that fearlessness when it comes to trying something new. So whether that's honoring country music, which is obviously a big part of my childhood and growing up, but then doing pop music that I also adore, and to celebrating rock and roll which so many revolutionary female artists paved this path that I'm walking down now. Being layered is really important to trying new things.

Opinions on not compromising on the things that bring you pleasure?
Miley: It's important to not compromise when it comes to things that bring you pleasure, because I think it's such an individual choice and experience. No one really ever knows what feels right except for you. Success is measured in so many different ways. I think fulfillment and dignity and respect and honor for what you're doing, to me that equates success.

What have you been taking pleasure in recently?
Miley: When you release a record, it's no longer yours. And when you make these albums, usually you make it over a year of your life. So much changes and so much evolves, and people come in and people leave and there's pain, there's excitement, there's birth, there's death. There's so much that happens in this time of making a record. Then when it leaves you and it leaves your hands and it goes out into the world, it's no longer kind of your own personal diary. So something that's making me feel really fulfilled and giving me a lot of pleasure right now is making music and being in the studio and that writing process because it's just very intimate and personal and it's also very therapeutic in a way.

Do you have any hidden or surprising pleasures?
Miley: Hidden pleasures that people may be surprised to know about I'm not very good at keeping secrets or surprises. But something that I do love is going back home and being active with my brothers and my dad and going out and playing football or playing basketball. I feel like people see me kind of doing more glamorous things on stage or wearing bedazzled clothes and being kind of over the top when it comes to glam. But I actually really like to go to the farm and whether that's like go wash my horses. It seems like something that's a chore but because I'm out in the city so much, going to these places and actually being able to get dirty and just be on my farm the way that I was when I grew up makes me super happy.

What does “Pleasure Has More Than One Layer” mean to you?
Miley: The message of Pleasure Has More Than One Layer means to me that there's been times in my life that I feel that I can be very contradictory to myself. One thing that I feel today can be really opposite from what I'm going to feel tomorrow and accepting that and not judging myself for it, not judging myself for feeling almost like two separate individuals or however many identities that is and loving each part of myself for who it really is. So whether that is my side that's, you know, whether it's the music maker, whether it's the actress, whether it's the storyteller in the songwriting, whether it's just someone that's just being silly with their family at the dinner table, whether that's someone that's still afraid to perform for people but does it anyways, then the person that's totally confident. Sometimes I'll go on stage and I've done it a million times and it feels that way. Sometimes it feels as terrifying as the first time; and just accepting every part of who I am and that kind of human experience that I'm having because even things that I've done a million times, sometimes they still feel new, whether that's being in a room full of people and feeling really shy. Sometimes I feel like I want to be that center of attention. Sometimes I want to hide in the corner. Just knowing that every day is different than my experience, to what is happening in my life. Some days I'm stronger, some days I'm weaker, and just really honoring those sides of myself and not and not judging myself for feeling so many different things and feeling like so many different versions of myself at times.

What would you say to anyone who holds back for fear of being judged?
My message to anyone who feels afraid of being judged, which then stops them from following their dreams or being who they really want to be or being the most authentic version of themselves. Nature is one thing that I don't like to challenge because you're really never going to win. So our natural emotions and feelings, that's just something that's a part of being human is being afraid sometimes of having these social norms that then start to dictate the way that we express ourselves and to honor it and to respect it and to really not fight it and to kind of sit in the fear and get to know the feeling. And I think to ask yourself questions about why you want to make the choices or why you want to express yourself in a certain way and understand the authenticity and why it's important to you. People will question you. I think it doesn't matter what your answer is to them. It's what your answer is, really, to yourself. You don't really need to anyone on the outside. I do think having answers to those questions for yourself on the inside just keeps you understanding why this is so valuable to your happiness or to your existence on this earth, your importance, what you're going to bring and what you're going to leave on this earth too, what kind of mark you're going to make. How are people going to remember you? I really think that those questions aren't to be answered outside but I do think they're really important to ask yourself those questions.

Why does this campaign with Magnum appeal to you?
Miley: Working with Magnum was super attractive to me because I love any time that there is a brand that is encouraging authenticity and that aligns with my own brand, which is supporting people to be who they really are. Then not trying to change me to fit a brand, but instead working together and really taking that word collaboration and both of us bringing something to the table. I think what I would hope that I could bring to Magnum is just a lot of, I think light and personality. I think something that was really important with this campaign is showcasing layers. It's something that's so authentic to my own brand and to my own message. From the beginning of my career it's been important for me to tell my fans to be themselves and what that means can change daily. Who you are yesterday does not hold you to today or to tomorrow. It's okay if you become that person again. There's been so many times where there's cycles of my identity. There are a lot of layers to each of us. We're all really complex. Not to mention, I'm really a believer in who we are as kind of like mosaic piece of, not only everything that we've experienced until sitting right here right now, but again, generationally before that. My mother's experience, my grandmother's experience and how that impacts who we are as individuals now. So I do think being a human, having a human experience is very complex. It is very layered. All of us at the same time trying to understand each other, trying to have respect for one another, trying to be compassionate, even though each of our own lifestyles. All of our lives are so unique and so different and someone you sit next to on a plane you may have a lot in common with, you may have zero in common with but still being able to be kind to them and be compassionate to them and understanding their layers and understanding - I think understanding knowledge is power, we know this, so the more that we know something about someone, not just who they are right now but what they've been through, who they've been. That all accumulates to making the kind of piece of art that's going to be you, that is you. But I do think it's all these little micro moments that build up to make this one big piece of the person that you are.

How do you embrace all your different sides?
Miley: A way that I embrace all the different sides of myself and my pleasures is that I am not afraid of failure because I think by having these layers, a lot of the time, it encourages you to be experimental because you aren't just one thing. There's so much that I want to do in my life. There's so many sounds that inspire me. There's so many styles of art that I love, whether it's art, fashion, architecture, anything that is creative, I can usually find something that I like about, something whether it's art or whether it's music or something I can appreciate in anything that's been made by another person or by nature itself. Just being able to fail and to say that I tried and to experiment and go, that fits, this doesn't. Confronting every layer that you have and giving it a chance to breathe life into that side of yourself, and going, okay, this feels authentic, this doesn't. I think that the kind of experimental experience of being a human never stops until the end of your life. That's kind of what our purpose is, is to dig inside and find all these different cool textures and colors that we have within ourselves and to let them come out and to just kind of know who you really are. That’s really the main question. I don't know if you ever find out because I think it just changes so much.

What's your advice to anyone who feels they can't express their true pleasure?
Miley: My advice to anyone that's afraid of expressing their true pleasures is, it's really important to write. Obviously, as a songwriter, when you write things down on paper, you give life to it. You can see it, you can visualize it. You can also ask yourself, is this my truth? You can question it. I love writing down a question and then writing my answer. I can then scratch out my answer and go, “No, that's not quite it.” I like to be able to articulate my thoughts, as emotions are so overpowering sometimes. It's really easy to get lost in our emotions and going, this is how I feel and I'm going to feel this way forever. Fear, could feel very doomed. But then when you write it out and you question it and you answer that question, you give yourself power again because there's an understanding. You can always go back and look at that paper again anytime you have that self-doubt or others opinions start to cloud what you really want. You have some sort of foundation. I think that writing it out it just gives you something to stand on. I think visualization is really powerful.

What pleasure can you not live without?
Miley: Pleasures that I can't live without besides just making my music, is self-expression. Whether that's what I choose to wear every day, who I choose to surround myself with, being able to express myself and externalize everything that internally is going on in me is really important. It's my entire purpose in existence is to be able to be expressive.

Why do you think it's important to experience pleasure?
Miley: It's important to experience pleasure because being thrilled and having something that really exhilarates you and that makes you feel, it just reminds us of how lucky we are to have these human experiences, to be on this planet together. I love anytime that I feel human. Sometimes, being afraid, being even heartbroken, those are things that make you feel human. Those are things that remind you that you're here, that you're alive, that you're having this experience. And then pleasure, excitement, friendships, love, romance. All those things remind you that you're human. Especially with what I do, sometimes I think people expect me to be superhuman, to not be afraid, to be able to perform in front of thousands of people without fear. That's just not being a human being. I think that those butterflies, the butterflies that I feel when I'm going to meet someone new, when I'm going on a first date, are the same butterflies I feel before I'm going to perform in front of 50,000 people. Both of those butterflies remind me that I'm here, that I'm alive, that I'm human. Then when you have that, then you're also connecting with other people because now everyone on this planet, you have at least one thing in common with them. You're having a human experience. You're all going to feel pain, you're all going to feel joy, you're all going to have a heartbreak, someone's going to come in and put your heart back together again, or you're going find the strength in yourself to put yourself back together. It just reminds us that we're all really one, that we're all really the same, that there's no divide in between any of us. There's no difference between any of us and I think that makes you more compassionate which then makes you more understanding and then you have a better life experience.

Has the past year introduced you to any new pleasures?
Miley: The past year has introduced me to some new pleasures because I've really started to take pleasure in the smaller things, the little things that I would have taken for granted before a year that none of us could have expected, having lockdowns, having social distancing or isolation. I forgot what an honor it is to sit with my family and have dinner with them. And when my dad wants to say grace for us, all holding hands and not thinking twice about it. That's something that before I would have rolled my eyes and been, do we have to do this? Can't we just sit down and eat? I didn't get to have this for a year and I missed it so much. Or going to dinner with friends and being able to cheers one another without fear. All these little things. Being able to walk up to someone that has a cute dog and going up and petting their dog and shaking their hand and saying thank you for letting me pet your dog and I'm not running away. It's all these little things, opening the door for someone. Also, the littlest thing that I miss the most, being able to smile at somebody and say, how are you doing? Putting a big smile on your face and then them feeling like you care and just connecting. All these little things that I didn't realize their value that they had in my life and now being able to connect with people again. It just feels really good.

What layers make a music event truly unmissable?
Miley: There's a unity in live music. There's a unity for me being able to be a performer and writing a song and then seeing it sung back to me in unison by a crowd. What is layered about that is that a song resonates with an individual for different reasons. So a song could be a song that millions of people really like but those millions of people like it or relate to it for all different reasons. A song like 'Wrecking Ball'. Who that wrecking ball could be is something so different from the person sitting next to you at the show. What I really love is when people tell me when they heard this song for the first time what their reaction was. Did you cry? Did you get angry at your ex? Did you feel a sense of relief because you knew that you weren't alone because I felt the same way? I just think music and the experience of a song, whether it’s a melody or its sonic or the way that lyrically what it's about, a person resonates to a song for so many different reasons and that they can be really different from the next person.

What has been the most pleasurable song in your career?
Miley: My most pleasurable record that I've ever made was experimental psychedelic pop rock record called 'Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Pets'. That album was obviously dedicated to animals that I had lost in my life but also lovers. It was more of a stream of consciousness. There wasn't too much, there wasn't fear, there wasn't anxiety, there wasn't how is this going to be received? There was a brazenness, if you will, to making it. I am really proud of myself for making that choice because it was on the heels of 'Bangerz' which was probably one of my bigger, if not my biggest record, that I've made. And it was pretty mainstream and widely accepted and loved. Then to go and make something that really challenged all that. I was really proud of myself for making that decision as an artist because it was what I really wanted to do and that there had been 15, 10 years of my life prior to that that there was all things that I wanted to do. I'm really lucky that I've been able to make art that I love pretty much for my entire career. But this was one that was just so, it was just so personal and it also exposed so many feelings that had kind of been inside. So there's a sense of pride that I have because I did something that I really wanted to do without thinking about how it affected anyone else. I think that it's good to make those choices as long as they don't harm anyone around you. I think it's important for you to do things that you don't look at the outside. You just say, does this feel right? And when it does, you act on it.

How does your partnership with Magnum inspire you?
Miley: My partnership with Magnum has really inspired me because I love knowing that when Magnum thinks of layers, they think of me. That makes me proud of who I am. That makes me proud of what I represent. I do think that it's very complex. My life is complex, everyone's life is complex and I like relating to my audience. I like going, “I'm with you”. We're in this together. That's why I make music. So I love that when Magnum thought about a campaign revolving around layers, I'm really honored that I was the one that came to mind because that makes me proud of what I represent.

Listen to my songs like never before. Magnum and I present 'Miley in Layers', my first 8D
sound performance coming June 10th.