UNIQLO Active Club Returns

Written by Qim Claesson

In connection to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo this summer, UNIQLO Active Club returns with yet a series of digital training sessions hosted by Swedish Olympic and Paralympic athletes together with four local profiles.

June 3, 2021, Stockholm, Sweden - UNIQLO, the Japanese global retailer, today announces the return of UNIQLO Active Club, a series of digital training sessions hosted by athletes from UNIQLO TEAM SWEDEN. For the second instalment of UNIQLO Active Club four local profiles, music artist Oscar Zia, TV-personality Hanna Persson, influencer Maya Nilsen and music artist Leslie Tay have taken on the challenge to train together with the athletes.

Earlier this Spring, UNIQLO launched UNIQLO Active Club, a series of digital training sessions with the purpose to give Swedes the opportunity to stay active together with the very elite of Swedish athletes. Just in time for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo this summer UNIQLO Active Club is re-emerging and will feature 12 new exclusive digital training videos. Each video is approximately 1-7 minutes long and intends to make training as easy and accessible as possible, yet rewarding.

Athletes face challenges on a daily basis. It’s their job to stay focused and to improve their performance. This past year has been a trial for the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic athletes, yet they have persisted. It’s with a great honour that UNIQLO plays a part in their journey to Tokyo and provide their official clothing to make them perform at their very best. With UNIQLO Active Club we hope to channel the athlete spirit and inspire consumers all over Sweden to work out and achieve something together, says Nikolina Johnston, COO UNIQLO Scandinavia.

UNIQLO is proud to provide the official clothing to the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic teams and to celebrate, all athletes and local brand ambassadors will be wearing the official uniforms together with UNIQLO+, newly launched replica wear in the training sessions. Both the official uniforms and UNIQLO+ are available to buy in UNIQLO and at uniqlo.com/se now.

I’ve been a bit sedentary during Spring so I have accepted this challenge to work out six minutes a day until the Olympics in July. Today I will kick off this challenge together with canoe professional Linnea who will actually compete in Tokyo in just a few weeks. Hope you are ready to sweat at home’, says Oscar Zia, music artist.

UNIQLO Active Club has given me the great honor of training with a professional live. And I have also given myself a challenge to train 6 minutes every day until the Olympics in July’, says Hanna Persson, TV Personality.

The training videos are free, available for all and will be released every week from June 3rd until September.

Training programs and release schedule for UNIQLO Active Club:
Paddle Power by Linnea Stensils – Canoeist (Olympian) and Oscar Zia (Music artist)
3rd of June – Fun and challenging workout from head to toe
Smashing Strength by Mattias Falck – Table tennis (Olympian) and Hanna Persson (TV Personality)
10th of June – Short and effective strength workout with focus on legs and upper body
Fighting Fun by Agnes Alexiusson – Boxer (Olympian) and Leslie Tay (Music artist)
17th of June– A quick and intense full body training inspired by boxing
Swim Practice by Lina Watz – Swimming (Paralympian) and Maya Nilsen (Creative)
24th of June – A movement and mobility session to increase focus and stability
Jump Up by Linnea Stensils – Canoeist (Olympian)
1st of July – A powerful jumping challenge to increase intensity   

Head to Toe by Mattias Falck – Table tennis (Olympian) 
8th of July – A full body workout routine for your everyday challenge
Workout for Champions by Agnes Alexiusson – Boxer (Olympian) 
15th of July – Muscle and strengths for your whole body
Flex and Stretch by Lina Watz – Swimming (Paralympian) 
22nd of July – Core and Flexibility Workout to Strengthen Your Body
Short and Sweaty by Linnea Stensils – Canoeist (Olympian)
12th of August – A full bodyworkout with cardio and strength-training exercises
Everyday Exercise by Mattias Falck – Table tennis (Olympian) 
19th of August – Strength session for your upper body and core
Quick Combos by Agnes Alexiusson – Boxer (Olympian) 
26th of August – This workout focuses on intense explosiveness and power
Push and Pull by Lina Watz – Swimming (Paralympian) 
2nd of September – Functional movement and stability
Local Profiles:

Oscar Zia
Oscar Zia is a charismatic entertainer that has charmed his way into the heart of every Swede. He is a singer, songwriter, radio host, tv host, actor, model and only 24 years old. With summer around the corner Oscar is turning up the heat with the UNIQLO Active Club. 
Leslie Tay
Multitalented music artist, producer and songwriter Leslie Tay has taken R&B in Swedish to new levels this past decade. Once an aspiring football player he has turned to professional boxer Agnes Alexiusson and the UNIQLO Active club for a new physical challenge. 
Maya Nilsen
Maya Nilsen is a contemporary creative with an exquisite fashion sense. Catch her working her magic on Youtube, Instagram or in the latest glossy magazine. Or catch her working up a sweat with the UNIQLO Active Club. Exercise always gets her creative mind going. 
Hanna Persson
Hanna Persson’s humor, loveable personality and sound opinions has earned her a spot as a popular writer, tv host, podcast host, blogger and influencer. She has inspired a young generation. Now she looks to table tennis pro Mattias Falck for some workout motivation.
In 2019 UNIQLO became Sweden’s main Olympic and Paralympic partner. Little did they know of the challenges to come due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As both camps took the precautionary measures needed to face a new reality the Olympic games were rightfully postponed and now planned for summer 2021. During this time the friendship has continued without slowing down. In July 2020, UNIQLO, SOC and SPC announced UNIQLO TEAM SWEDEN, the official UNIQLO athlete