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Hedda Stiernstedt

Written by Valeria Bartocci by Sandra Myhrberg

Hedda Stiernstedt is more than an actor, she is a star! She acts from the heart and that is something we as watchers can strongly feel. With her successful tv show ”Vår tid är nu '' Hedda is in a place she fantasied about many days of her early career.

Hedda has since she can remember wanted to be an actor but not always did she know if acting wanted her. It took her time, travel, and courage to see that her dream could be real. When she and acting finally found each other she knew she had found her heart and soul perfectly matching, finally, she was home.

Who is your big inspiration in life?
My biggest source of inspiration comes from actors who I believe feel some kind of ”total freedom” towards their profession. Harriet Andersson is someone I watch to gain that inspiration to find dedication to my life, both mentally and physically for my profession.

Who is your favorite actor?
I have a few that I have loved over the years, one of them is Harriet Anderson who is an old Swedish actress. She has that total freedom that I am inspired by. Ben Mendelsohn is also an actor I have adored for many years. Lately, I have become attached to Florence Pugh due to her soft obedience, she has an incredibly genuine feeling that I am drawn to.
Another new favorite is Eliza Scanlen who has been in Sharp Objects and Babyteeth. I loved her acting in Babyteeth, I found it almost a little strange. Her charisma of being able to follow the emotions and convey them in the raw freeway as she does in the movie.

During the panademic what has motivated you to keep moving forward?
I have found it difficult to stay motivated, but I have tried not to be too hard on myself. To allow oneself the small pleasures one can get, such as being able to play video games if I have felt like it. This time has been burdensome and punishing, but one thing I have found inspiration in is that people have been helping each other out and being more caring for others. It has made me realize that we as a “community” must stick together through this time.
I also indulge in writing, I have been trying to find desire in my profession and life. This is the first time I have been able to ask myself the question “what do I want to do” as it is common in acting that I ask “what job would you want to give me” and then I have to adapt.
I feel that I want to take a stand on what I can offer in a role and not what the role can offer me.
Now I am deciding which is my next step forward from where I stand.

When did you realize that what you're calling was to shine in front of the camera?
The first time I tested acting seriously. I had been given the role and I found myself in the world I had been drawn to for a long time. I felt like for the first time I was the right person in the right place.
I had never felt that I was right with what I was doing, everything was temporary. I looked in the wrong places and was always scared to invest in my passion for acting.
But finally, we found each other and it felt more right than ever.

How do you practice your dialogues?
I read what the scene is about, but I have to say that I am bad at rehearsing lines. For me, it's about the feeling that I want to express in that scene. I do not come from the theater where the lines are everything, but  for me, the feeling is more important than knowing the exact words.
Now, however, I have worked with a series where the language is made up. In such situations, I usually rehearse by recording the lines and walking while I repeat out loud to myself.

Do you ever get nervous in front of the camera, how do you handle it?
I'm nervous about every scene I play, but I like that feeling.
It gives me something to not be one hundred percent comfortable as I listen more to my partner in the scene. For me, it's about taking in the feeling from the opponent and being caught in the feeling we have together.

What is your trick for unwinding from a busy day of filming?
I love to do puzzles. I have always found it difficult to unwind and find a way to occupy my whole brain. Puzzles give me the relaxation that reaches all of me.
Otherwise, it could be playing Candy Crush and watching movies at the same time.

What's the funniest character you've ever played?
I have had the most fun playing Doris in the Jönsson league. I loved the humor that embraced the whole time we were shooting and the comedy within the character.
I found it incredibly fun to be a part of that experience as it was my first humor film and character I played.

That feeling has been most difficult for you to portray in front of the camera?
Playing angry is the feeling that I find most difficult as I find that feeling farthest from developing at a certain time. Anger for me is only instinct and reaction, it does not exist as a raven's memory. I practice at home on how to quickly find anger and be able to quickly express it in the act.
It is also rare that I am angry at my opponent, in some cases I can force them to make me angry just to capture the feeling.

Which person have you been most “starstruck” by meeting?
When I met Håkan Hällström in Cannes at the Swedish Film Institute's 50th anniversary party.


5 quick:

Hidden talents?
I played the accordion for 4 years.

Favorite garment?
I love my track suit from H20 Fagerholt which I currently live in.
But one of my all-time favorites is my jacket from Viktoria Chan that I can have for any occasion.

What are you most grateful for right now?
I feel incredibly grateful that I have a job right now considering what the world looks like.

What makes you happy?
I consider my job to be number one on the list. Then comes things like good food and people I love. Combining these two also makes me extra happy.

What is your favorite music to dance to?
When I am in need of little extra love, then I have Britney Spears.

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