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An Interview with Mimi Bay

Written by Decirée Josefsson by Sandra Myhrberg

The 20-year-old Mimi Bergman aka Mimi Bay conveys feelings into words writing about personal experiences and memories. With over a quarter of a million subscribers on YouTube, she writes and properly produces, making her multidimensional as an artist. The impenetrable walls of the royals are falling to pieces when Mimi Bay's pleasant tunes are playing creating a space for everyone to be able to intimately connect. Her last single
Pick me up is the third to be released in 2021 and comprise a part of her newest EP release
Far from home.

Is there a specific story behind the name Mimi Bay?
The history of the name is rather simple and occurred naturally when I followed a more firm step in my artistry. When I initially started, I operated frequently on different channels like SoundCloud and YouTube. When I, later on, decided to carefully gather everything on a mutual channel it became natural to as well separate Mimi Bergman from Mimi Bay. It has not so much to typically do with the name itself, however more to safely separate and secure my personal life.

How would you describe your critical thinking towards your composed music?
I think that in time as my musical knowledge develops I become kinder and more trustable in my instinct of what’s good. Critical thinking, however, makes me able to perform and achieve beyond my expectations.

What represents your ideal place to reload and increase creative energy?
I genuinely love to read outside in the woods. It helps me to remind myself about the present time. To pause from complex reality and sense when not to trust the anxious state of the conscious mind.

Whom are you writing for?
I think that my writing has inevitably been a process of my thoughts and feelings. Anger, fear, grief, and joy become the fuel for the words in my rhymes. I do not think frequently about whom I’m typically writing for. Alternatively, there’s a way for me to gently remind myself that emotions are not permanent and to heal or properly speak through them instead of allowing them to direct me. There's rightfully no social right or wrong in how much of your thoughts you should share with others. If I never try to listen to my inner voice, I will never know how it feels to be true to myself.

Describe your earliest music memory?
I’m constantly looking for gentle melodies, melodic vocals, and poetic lyrics that can get me from a state of mind emotionally to another. Even if that means watching Disney or listening to the tones of Frank Ocean and SZA I want it to feel real. It’s the chemical reaction from within that makes me interested in wanting to keep on listening.

What would you like to say to the younger Mimi?
The frequency of life is going to differ, and you will be forced to accept and believe that there’s a time for everything.

What’s on the horizon?
I’ve been working on my upcoming project Far from home since 2019 and it’s about trying to find a home when your safe place becomes your parents' house. It’s been mine for so long and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

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