Start the fall with these essential beauty saviors  by Yasmine Mubarak

Start the fall with these essential beauty saviors

Written by Yasmine by Elva Ahlbin

Prep your skin and hair for the fall, with some of the most essential products on the market. This editorial showcases some of the favorites on the market right now in hair, skin, and makeup.

The scent of the season is the classic perfume Clean in Warm Cotton, a signature scent that has been a classic during the last decades, and it's as popular now as always. Coming back to the office, it can be nice to start simple, with a classic scent of fresh Sea Notes, Orange Blossom, and Fruits; base notes of Musk, Fern, and Amber.

For our skin, we are going back to the basic as well, effective simple skincare. After a summer of sun and using masks all day creating irritations -we need to apply sensitively skincare products. La Roche Posay is a French pharmacy brand that is top-ranked when it comes to creating skincare for sensitive skin. I have personally used the brand for years - and is the ultimate go-to brand when your skin starts to get irritated or you simply want to step back to a basic three-four step skincare routine.

Another skincare champion for this fall, is the Sensai Cellular Performance Eye Patches, which gives instant revitalization. It’s definitely not like other eye patches - it's more powerful and you see the results right after. Apply for 10 minutes (I usually wear it for 20-30 minutes). Remove and massage the remaining essence into the skin. The patches are great to de-puff your eyes and hydrate the sensitive areas around your eyes.

For our face, the Relief Blue Flower Mask from Hyggee, is a great face mask for the last days of summer. It gives a soothing and cooling effect on the skin as it contains aloe vera which also soothes the skin after sun exposure and has a deep moisturizing effect. Extract from comfrey reduces redness and relieves inflammation. The result is a calm complexion that is deeply moisturized. You can also refresh your face during the day with a hydrating face mist, such as Swedish brand Mon Sun's Daily Refresh Face Mists, also nice to simply have on your work desk.

When it comes to makeup this season, a newfound favorite is the NARS Primer Smooth & Protect Primer SPF 50. After testing the product in both cold climates such as Sweden and a more humid warmer climate in the Mediterranean - the product keeps your makeup looking fresh all day (and night). The specialized antioxidants help to deflect pollution and other environmental aggressors, while broad spectrum SPF 50 provides potent daily skin protection. It may be used as a primer or worn alone as sunscreen - however it's a bit white in color when applying. For that reason, I would recommend using a bit of bronzer or light foundations after and not only as a sunscreen.

Starting with a great primer is as important as finish with a great setting powder, Make Up Forever's Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder has the brand's signature Ultra HD formula, which has been developed in response to the new high-definition technologies from the film and TV industry and is invisible in front of 4K cameras and to the naked eye. The product has been a personal secret favorite for almost 8 years. It has been used mainly among professional makeup artists but has become a favorite among us everyday make-up users. It gives a matte finish and your make-up sets for the entire day. Perfect for us who use a mask and don't want our makeup to disappear right after.

For our hair, MoroccanOil All in One Leave-in Conditioner have saved my hair this summer. The conditioning leave-in treatment with argan oil works especially well for curly and wavy hair, by giving your hair softness and nourishment for up to 72 hours. It moisturizes the hair immediately, but the big point with this product is that it detangles your hair, so it's easier to brush out your curls and detangled hair without damage it.

Start the fall with these essential beauty saviors  by Yasmine Mubarak