Written by Fashion Tales

Featuring artists Ray Blk and Big Zuu, the campaign brings hot beats and edgy looks to drive positivity and  escape the modern-day buzz.

Tommy Hilfiger, which is owned by  PVH Corp. [NYSE: PVH], and Vevo, the world’s leading music network, announce the Fall 2021 TOMMY  JEANS “Less Buzz, More Music” campaign, inviting audiences to escape the buzz of today’s hyper connected world – from the news to social media – through the power of music. The campaign builds on  Tommy Hilfiger’s lifelong passion for music, with brand partnerships continuing to celebrate this influence  since the 90s. Inspired by this heritage, the campaign brings together edgy streetwear style with bold music  content by Vevo.

The campaign spotlights artists Ray Blk and Big Zuu through live video performances created for Vevo’s  original content series, ROUNDS. Born Rita Ekwere in Nigeria, Ray Blk is a 26-year-old UK-based artist who doesn’t shy away from difficult topics that range from domestic violence to personal obstacles in the  industry as a Black woman. Londoner and grime rap artist Big Zuu, full name Zuhair Hussain, delivers  Afrobeats with passion while always speaking his truth and motivating his audience to do the same. Highlighting the ever-growing hip-hop, rap and R&B scene in Europe, ROUNDS is a series of live  performances by emerging and established musicians, using a 360-degree portraiture effect. To maximize  impact, the “Less Buzz, More Music” campaign will be amplified through genre-targeted rotational content, served on Vevo’s vast Connected TV (CTV) network.
The Fall 2021 TOMMY JEANS campaign brings ‘outwear out loud’ by reimagining street-inspired style, while staying true to the culture it emerged from. The “Less Buzz, More Music” campaign highlights items that  speak to the personal style of the musicians: sustainable puffers and jackets finished in color-popping  shades and statement silhouettes that give an irreverent twist. Featuring 100% recycled denim to reduce  waste, water and energy consumption, the collection’s outerwear pieces are produced using 100% organic  cotton and recycled shell fabric.

The “Less Buzz, More Music” campaign launched with an intimate 50-person event on August 17th, with  London’s most exciting and diverse artists coming together to celebrate the importance of cross-cultural  exchanges in music. Consisting of a discussion panel and live performances, the event invited audiences to  join the conversation of culture and inclusivity in the music industry while showcasing the newest TOMMY  JEANS collection.