Arvida Byström, Greater Fool, NFT & digital print on fabric, 2021.

Artificial Scarcity

Written by Lina Aastrup

Arvida Byström
“Artificial Scarcity” at Gallery Steinsland Berliner
Sep 24 – Oct 23, 2021

Swedish artist Arvida Byström is perhaps best known for her tongue in cheek selfies and photographs of fruit in sexy underwear. Her artistic practice centers around questions of complex femininities, objects of lust and “disobedient bodies” - often tied to the digital universe.  In her new exhibition “Artificial Scarcity” which opens on Sep 24 at Gallery Steinsland Berliner she turns her focus to the economic conditions of the artist. Byström’s new body of work span from the ancient medium of marble sculpture to the world of digital artworks and NFT:s. In “Artificial Scarcity” she highlights how the artworld’s obsession with authenticity and the “original” is reflected in the pricing and distribution of artworks.

“For me, there are so many aspects to NFT:s that I am skeptical about so I wanted to create an exhibition that explores money and art on a deeper level, while still incorporating NFT:s.” […] Together with my friends Katja Lindeberg, Calle Ewerbring och Sebastian Edholm I have created two generative video works that are each connected to half an Ether. If you buy one of these works you will also own the access to the currency but if you choose to sell, the artwork will be destroyed.” - Arvida Byström

Arvida Byström, 1637, Pigment print, Limited ed. /10, 2021.
Arvida Byström, Please Remove All Tags, Swedish Kolmård marble, 2021.
Portrait Arvida Byström