Sandra Mujinga, “Libwá, Mókó and Nkámá”, 2019. Photo: Hossein Sehatlou

Enticing and multifaceted

Written by Lina Aastrup

Sandra Mujinga
“Enticing and Multifaceted” at Gothenburg Museum of Art

Eerie three-meter-tall guardians greet the audience in a green-lit room at the Gothenburg Museum of Art. The large-scale sculpture group titled “Libwá, Mókó and Nkámá” (2019) is one of the museums most recent acquisitions. Further into the exhibition is a dark, secluded, room-within-the-room where a hologram, “Flo” (2019), is levitating against billowing curtains. Artist Sandra Mujinga works with themes of power, surveillance and visibility in various mediums including photography, moving image, music, installation and sculpture.

I think the longer you are in a dark room your eyes start to adjust and see things, and from there you can manoeuvre through it. So, for me the future is about this utopian possibility of being in charge of your visibility.” -Sandra Mujinga.

The Congolese-Norwegian artist was recently awarded the prestigious Preis der Nationalgalerie in Berlin. “Enticing and Multifaceted” marks her first solo exhibition at a museum in Sweden. Mujinga is represented by Croy Nielsen in Vienna and The Approach in London.

Sandra Mujinga, “Flo”, 2019. Courtesy of the artist.
Sandra Mujinga, “Libwá, Mókó and Nkámá”, 2019. Photo: Hossein Sehatlou
Sandra Mujinga, “Libwá, Mókó and Nkámá”, 2019. Photo: Hossein Sehatlou
Sandra Mujinga. Photo: Sjur Einen Sœvik