Chanel Holiday collection 2021 Odalisque Magazine

Chanel Holiday Collection 2021

Written by Thea Undemo

On Monday November 1st it´s the official launch of CHANEL HOLIDAY 2021 Collection in celebration of, and inspired by their Chanel perfume N°5.    

At it´s time the CHANEL N°5 broke free of convention and was revolutionary for the world of perfume. A fragrance that made history and still to this day has kept its impact that it made on the fashion and cosmetic industry. To acknowledge the old factory masterpiece that paved the way for today's modern perfume, the House of CHANEL made this Collection.

The golden hues of the N°5 fragrance have been transformed into makeup for the eyes and face, while lips and nails are draped in red, the colour of life.

One of the gems from this collection is the LES 4 OMBRES eyeshadow palette which is reinterpreted to match the aesthetic of the N°5. This is expressed with 4 shimmery shades, one black, one gold, one champagne and a pearly white that recalls N°5 L’EAU. Each of the four eyeshadows can stand alone or contribute to a blended look. The N°5 motifs featured on each shade make this creation a true collector’s item.

Also in the collection is the ROUGE ALLURE N°5 available in five shades, including two new releases: Emblématique and Légendaire. And just like the eyeshadow palette the lipsticks were designed in celebration of the N°5 perfume which is evident on the exclusive packaging. A black packaging embossed with a golden number 5 at the bottom.

Further they also have the FLUIDE ENLUMINEUR with light-reflecting pigments in it that enhance the complexion, and its lightweight texture melts onto the skin and ensures long-lasting comfort. A beautiful HIGHLIGHTING FLUID that you can use in many different ways both for a more natural, dewy look as well as a classy and sophisticated look. The BAUME ESSENTIEL is available in a new “Or Beige” shade.

The star of this collection though must be their new version of the legendary N°5 Eau de Parfum. Also new and revolutionary for CHANEL is the recycled glass that the new perfume bottle is made of. The box is made with biodegradable paper pulp that has the new design on it - a golden number 5 inscribed on the label of this exclusive reinterpretation. 

In conclusion CHANEL’s Makeup Creation Studio was inspired by the style codes of N°5 for its HOLIDAY 2021 collection, which celebrates the golden amber color of the fragrance and combines it with shades of black, white, and red the color of life. Now, wearing N°5 not only means enjoying the sensuous experience of applying fragrance, but also wearing warm, luminous makeup, complete with an intense red lip.

Chanel Holiday collection 2021 Odalisque Magazine
Chanel Holiday collection 2021 Odalisque Magazine
Chanel Holiday collection 2021 Odalisque Magazine