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An Interview with Filippa Fuxe

Written by Valeria Bartocci by Fashion Tales

After studying at Central Saint Martins, award-winning designer Filippa Fuxe is on her second year of a Bachelor’s degree at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm.
Growing up in a family with many scientists and psychologists Fuxe often strives to find new methods and techniques in her design. With similarities to a research project, she often starts with a hypothesis that is tested during the process.
Odalisque visited Fuxe’s summer house in southern Sweden to shoot her garments on her favorite hidden spots along the coast such as Hovs Hallar, the iconic location where Ingrid Bergman’s The Seventh Seal was filmed.

Tell us about your latest collection.
This fall I created a capsule collection that is based on the idea of two innovative powers, one being my great grandmother Karin Ek, a pioneering poet and author, and the other one the innovative material Circulose®, a biodegradable raw material that recycles clothes in a new way. I see this, not only as an interesting meeting between two innovative sources but also between the past, present, and future.
I started off investigating the life of my great grandmother Karin Ek (1885-1926), who was a poet and author in the early 20th century in Stockholm. The garments are created based on Karin’s poetry which includes themes such as melancholy, death, love, and the philosophy that nothing exists except the stormy movements of one’s own heart. Another important theme from Karin’s poetry is her for the time period original and bold expressions about women's sexuality. I was also inspired by the fact that the timing of my collection aligns with the 100-year celebration of women’s right to vote in Sweden.
In the collection, I have used raw materials provided by Renewcell in the form of cotton threads discarded as waste, recycled Circulose® pulp, and recycled viscose fibers. Different techniques such as wet molding, screen printing, knitting, and draping silhouettes were used to create three different looks.

You won a Danish international design competition this spring, what did you present?
Earlier this year I was happy to win an international design prize created by the Danish company Selfmade, where I presented a design idea with a garment that can vary and shift identity and shape through different detachable parts. These parts can be replaced with other versions, for example changing the shape of the sleeve or varying different color combinations. I wanted to let the consumer become their own designer and use their creativity. The pattern will be available in stores in Scandinavia and parts of Europe in spring 2022.

Who is your muse?
A 60’s Nikki De Saint Phalle and Mick Jagger.

How would you describe your style?
Progressive, sensual, and cinematic where every garment is their unique character who all exist in the same visual world.

Someone you’ve always wanted to dress?
Definitely Margaret Qualley. Or FKA Twigs.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
Developing my design further and working more with influences from music, art, and theatre.

photography Agnes Strand
fashion Jahwanna Berglund
model Filippa Fuxe


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