Louis Vuitton WOMEN’S CRUISE 2023

Written by Fashion Tales

Here, in this place of biomedical research, questions on humanity lie at the forefront of the world's most illustrious scholars minds.

Architect Louis Kahn puts the sun, the creator of natural life, at the heart of the Salk Institute, a brutalist from 1965 designed as a serene concrete monastery for enlightened souls. At a specific time of the day, during a blazing sunset, the sun is perfectly framed by buildings within the precise axis of the central fountain. The combination of the sun rays and shimmering water bathes everything in a golden hue, transforming all it touches into gold.

The sun is a guest of honour in the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2023 collection. It plays an active part in the evolution of this wardrobe where changes in temperature set a stylistic tempo. The heat nomadic aesthetics, between sand and cliffs, a fluid look. The unique light of the West Coast creates prisms on clothes full of reflections. Linen, jacquard, silk, leather, tweed…give the illusion of a metallic palette, reverberating and shimmering under the sun. The vibrations and reflections of the silhouettes shine in dialogue with the sunset.