Biotherm celebrated World Ocean Day with Nicholas Hoult

Written by Yasmine

Today is #WorldOceansDay, we often talk about water in terms of its health benefits to humans—as our lifeline to live a healthy life —but water also happens to play a major role in the health of the planet.

Not only do oceans help regulate the climate, but the phytoplankton living in them produces more than half of the oxygen on Earth. No wonder these vast bodies of water are often called the planet’s Blue Lung.

French skincare brand Biotherm has a long-standing relationship with water: its signature, skin-regenerating ingredient, Life Plankton™, was originally sourced from the thermal springs of the French Pyrenees mountains, back in the 1950s. The brand has also been an advocate for the protection of the world’s oceans since 2012, a pioneer of blue beauty—what you might call the aquatic arm of the green beauty movement.

The ocean is our blue lung. More than 50% of the oxygen on Earth is produced by the ocean. The actor states that ''This is why we must protect it and we must act now! As a passionate #WaterLover, I am proud to be part of @Biotherm’s new campaign to raise awareness of ocean preservation and announce their commitment to Become Ocean Positive by 2030.''

 Biotherm is striving to improve their environmental footprint by developing more sustainable packaging solutions, more formulas powered by bioscience and empowering more Water Lovers to create a positive wave of change. Biotherm is dedicated to Blue Beauty. Powered by science, water-efficient, eco-designed and safe. They are committed to using more renewable ingredients, creating more formulas that respect the oceans, developing more sustainable designs and empowering a global community of Water Lovers.

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