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An Interview with Colleagues

Written by Yasmine by Yasmine M

The new band is just about to release their first album, but first a new single JAMES. A preview of what is to come. As the summer has gone, we are all ready for some new music that hopefully lifts out spirits and gets us into that fall mood. Joel, Theo and Eric are three friends that decided to pursue their dreams, releasing during a demo sound that this could actually be something great. 

Read Odalisque Magazine's interview below and be ready for some new fresh music to come this September. 

How did you become a band?
Joel: I remember showing Theo a demo or two in the beginning of life, as I later came to know it, and he immediately said something along the lines “Yes. We have to write more music. and play it live.”

Erik: I was sharing an apartment with Joel and Theo at the time and overheard something in the making. I got inspired and started turning some knobs on the midi keyboard. They later asked if I could join the band.

How would you desribe eachother, who is perhaps more funnier and more structured? 
Gustav: I would say we’re all funny to each other, but Oscar has the loudest laugh. As far as showing up on time goes, I think we have a bad influence on eachother since most of us are really bad at it. Even Erik, who’s usually punctual, shows up an hour late since there’s no point in being on time.

Were they obvious to you that it was music you were going to do?
Joel: Definitely, and also no. Nothing has shaped life the way music has and I’d think it’s safe to say that not a day passes for any of us without music being a huge part of it. At the same time, there has been a lot going on in all of our lives, sometimes trying to lure us into other things, other directions. But yes, obvious in the sense that there is no alternative to making music, playing music, listening to music.

What are your biggest influences and idols in music?
Joel: Absolutely being in this band. I’m rarely as inspired as when we’ve had a session in the studio or for that matter just a phone call planning for things ahead. I think it’s just the sensation of knowing what’s possible being around these people. Other than that, there are just too many to name. 

With your latest song “DARKRIDE” you collaborate with the artists Joakim Derlow, NASCH, and the filmmaker Pussel Widegren how come?
Theo: Originally, the idea for colleagues was not to be a band. We just wanted to make music and release it through collaborations with other artists. Through our brief, yet long history we have worked with quite a few talented people.
Joel: Joakim Derlow, NASCH and Pussel Widegren are no exception to this. They have all in one way or another inspired us during the process of writing the music and we feel very lucky to get to work with them in the visual representation.

You yourself have described the song “DARKRIDE” as a “bill walk with a declining self-confidence as a companion. Speechless, but with hope as an umbrella “, a failing self-confidence is something you yourself have struggled with. What has helped you as a band to build self-confidence?

Gustav: For me, performing live with colleagues has always made me feel like I’m better than I am. We’ve had some hard times working on stuff in the studio where small conflicts can surface, but on the stage it’s just pure joy and a real boost to our egos.

You are also going to release an album now in September? What kind of music/vibe can you expect there?
Joel: Yes, an album is very much in the works and will according to plans be released during the autumn. Musically it’s going to be noticeable that it’s an album, as opposed to prior releases, and put together in a way that paints a bigger picture.

How long did it take to write the album?
Joel: Effectively, probably less than a month but to patch together five different schedules has been harder than you might imagine during the last couple of years. One of the songs on the album started taking shape almost 7 years ago.

Tell us more about your new music! (Darkride, the feeling, how it came about, what it means to you?
Oscar: Life is FCKING journey. We do what we can to cope.
Erik: Our coming single “James” is about the love-part of that journey, from a four
dimensional perspective. Happiness, sorrow and the two-faced phases in between.

Listen to today's release: James.