Written by Yasmine M

Last-minute gift buying can be tricky, but we have gathered some great options that will make someone really happy this Christmas. The gifts that will keep on giving; not only for Christmas, but throughout 2023.

Apple Watch Series 8 TECH
If you want to make someone happy this year (or yourself), go all in with the new Apple Watch Series 8. The watch is not only a great gift for the tech enthusiast, but someone you know that need help to keep track of their daily adventures. The latest smartwatch series combines a new better women’s health tracker with wrist temperature, as well as readings for an estimation of your menscycle. If you track your health when you are healthy, it can hopefully help to give an alert when perhaps something isn’t as it should be. Find the new Apple Watch at

Classic Retro-X® Fleece Jacket, Patagonia FASHION
Patagonia has always been at the forefront when it comes to quality clothing and thinking about more than just the clothes themselves. The best part about gifting a fleece jacket like this - is that with great care – will be a lifelong piece in someone's life. A warm and windproof 100% polyester bonded ¼”-pile fleece jacket for cool, blustery weather. With Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, choose if you buy it in a women’s or men’s silhouette. I know I would be happy. Find it at

The Walking Pad, C2  SPORT
Yes, I said it, a walking pad. Living in Scandinavia during the winter makes it a bit more difficult to get outside for a daily run. If you know someone who continues to work from home or studies full-time. This is a generous and most likely surprising gift. That will make the entire family want to try walking on the pad. The Pad comes in a variety of colors and levels – to fit the person you give it to. If you want a more advanced running pad or a calm and slim design to fit under your desk. It’s easy and breezy. Find it at amazon or at 

Weight blanket, Cura of Sweden SLEEP
A weighted blanket is a perfect gift for someone you can’t give a physical hug to this holiday. Not to mention, if you know someone that struggles with sleep or mild anxiety. The soft blanket feels literally like a warm hug, that gives a sense of calm when you need it the most. The 6 kg weight fits perfect to have both on the sofa and in bed. It will definitely keep the person you give it too extra warm this season. Not to mention, why not grab a pillow too, Cura of Sweden also has an immense variety of ergonomic pillows, to help with sleep. Find the new hug at

Gordon Shaving Beard Straightener MEN'S FAVORITE
The Gordon Beard straighter is going viral. The stylish brush helps to give a well-groomed and smooth finish straight from home - perfect for Holidays' and New Year’s celebrations. With its luxurious gift box, is a great gift to give. It’s super easy to use, with its minimalistic design and a stylish dark green handle. The brand repped by Underclub has a variety of great gifts. From freshly scented beard creams and beard oils – so if you need some great beard products you should check out their line. Find it at underclub or at the nearest retailer.

Theragun PRO, Therabody SPORT
For the wellness mode, the Therabody is the crème de la crème of pressure tools. Use it for a more efficient warm-up, target your quads, hamstrings, and calves with the Theragun for 15 seconds each. The Therabody increases circulation and generates heat in the fast twitch muscles that support quick bursts of lateral movement, as well as the muscle groups that support your stride. To help maximize recovery and come back even stronger. It’s a perfect tool to give (or get) when starting out your new year or help with back aches. The Theragun is ready to come home at

Reversible Wool-Blend Scarf, Polo Ralph Lauren FASHION
Crafted from a soft wool blend, this Italian-made scarf features a complementary reverse. The scarf has two sides, which makes it perfect to switch when your outfit is slightly different. So instead of having two blue scarves in different shades – one is enough. The blue calm colors have the Ralph Lauren signature Pony embroidered at one end. If bought in-store or online at Ralph Lauren, you receive a gift box and card to write a holiday message. Find the wool-blend scarf at


Say hello to new memories, with the latest family member from Fujifilm Instax. This gift works for everyone – literally (and will especially be loved by the creative soul). The portable printer is more than just a normal printer. It’s your new favorite portable tool to save your memories for years to come. It makes it possible to bring life to your Smartphone photos as they were taken with an analog camera. For Gen Z and creative wizards, the new Instax square link also gives you endless opportunities to create AR effects and personalize prints. It’s definitely a new favorite to bring to the Christmas party. Find the new Instax Square Link at your nearest retailer or at

SKOG 3-Wick Scented Vase Candle, Skandinavisk HOME 
Give someone the beautiful scent of forest this season. Skog [’skuːg] is Swedish/Norwegian for ‘forest’, and smells like the actual forest. It’s a celebration of our Scandinavian boreal forests that cover over half the Scandinavian lands. The beautiful design fits right in every household with a vase glass, with three wicks and hard box packaging – perfect for gifting (or yourself). Find the candle at your nearest retailer or at


Balmain Homme Signature Men’s Giftset BEAUTY
The luxury fashion house, has a hair care series – one of them the Signature Men’s Giftset - a collection of grooming products made for men. The scent of for example the Beard Oil - is a woody, yet fresh bergamot. The set includes a Hair & Body Wash, Beard Oil, a small transparent Beard Comb, and Scalp Scrub. We wrote about many different beauty kits earlier, find them all here

CHLOE, Woody woven tote bag FASHION
The dark green, musty woody linen and leather tote bag from Chloe is a fashion statement. The bag has an open top, with double top handles and an internal slip pocket for necessities. With the brand patch on both sides. The bag is ready for city adventures, as well as a day in the woods – all up to the person you gift it too. They will be happy, promise. Find the tote bag at


Cloud & Glow Silk pillowcase BEAUTY/SLEEP
Together with a new ergonomic pillow from Cura of Sweden, a pillowcase can enhance both your sleep and hair. So, my last piece of advice is to give a luxurious silk pillowcase this Christmas. The Cloud & Glow Silk pillowcase is made from the highest quality 22 momme 6A grade 100% mulberry silk, and you can definitely feel it. It’s love at first touch. It helps your skin and hair to retain natural moisture and reduces the appearance of facial creases from sleeping on your face. In addition, prevents any tangles and frizz from your hair. All, so you can stay comfortable, and have sweet dreams. Find the pillowcase at

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