Archetypes 2.0

Written by Art Editor

With twelve new and unique micro-sculptures, Swedish jewellery artist Krista Kretzschmar continues to expand our notion of what wearable art can be.

- I was always fascinated by the idea that art and jewellery are an extension of who you are as a person, that basically there is a primal personality which determines your taste and opinions. Carl Jung defined this as archetypes representing patterns of behavior that constitute a particular way of being. In addition, the archetypes exist as cultural symbols and images in our collective subconscious. This is what inspired me to create my latest works, says Kretzschmar.

The new collection, “ARCHETYPES 2.0”, consists of twelve unique bronze rings with selection of stones. Each ring, which is only made in an edition of one, is linked to the twelve archetypes developed by Jung: The Innocent, Everyman, Hero, Outlaw, Explorer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Lover, Caregiver, Jester, and Sage. 

The exhibition is on view at Galleri Sebastian Schildt in Stockholm until May 6.