A Day's March x Lisa Larsson

Written by Ulrika Lindqvist

“A Day's March introduces a collection created in collaboration with the artist Lisa Larsson. Together, they have created a collection where A Day's March's Scandinavian minimalism meets Lisa Larsson's colorful escapism.

Lisa Larsson's art revolves around peaceful and dreamy still lifes, relaxed women, and idyllic landscapes. The collection draws inspiration from the universe that Larsson has created with her countless paintings, and together with A Day's March, she has designed clothes and accessories that the faceless characters in her art can or should wear.

“I wanted to create clothes that you want to wear when summer days are long, warm, and full of life. When you wake up to the sea breeze from an open window, eat endlessly long lunches in the shade, and jump from cliffs into the salt Mediterranean. Like a real Bon Vivant, if you will. The collection is for these moments. The feeling of something handmade, but that you still don't have to be afraid to use and love. The collection is meant to be lived in, like a sybarite.

It has been a fantastic experience to work side by side with A Day's March. Their talented team has supported me in my artistic impulses and guided me through the jungle of clothing design. A Day's March was the perfect match for the collection I wanted to create, as they have a unique way of combining a relaxed look with a luxurious feel. They also have great knowledge and experience in working with high-quality and sustainable fabrics. It has truly been a pleasure to learn and create together with A Day's March.”

Lisa Larsson x A Day's March launches on adaysmarch.com friday april  28th 2023.

Images copyright of A Day's March