Wall of Art Launches Floral Scarves

Written by Ulrika Lindqvist

The Swedish art collective and design company Wall of Art is now presenting their new collection for spring and summer. The new Art Print collection consists of over 80 prints from 33 different artists, along with entirely new, exclusive silk scarves. The collection is inspired by the 60s and 70s and centered around flowers found in the often colorful interior design of that era.

In the campaign for the new collection, we visit 90-year-old Birgitta in a typical 60s home with beautifully preserved details. It's this type of warm home that forms the basis for the collection, where flowers are the common denominator. The collection consists of works from 33 different artists who have all used flowers as their subject, resulting in over 80 original prints with a variation in color and style.

With the new collection, Wall of Art takes a completely new step by launching scarves with exclusive prints by artists Hanna Peterson, Anna Mörner, Fabienne Meyer, and Mathilda Månsson. All scarves measure 66x66 cm and are perfect as either a fashionable accessory or as decoration hanging in the home.

“All the artists we have collaborated with have interpreted the theme with their own unique styles, and in this way, the new collection is clear but also has broad variation. There is an opportunity to find the perfect print for every room. We want art to be enjoyed everywhere, so launching scarves feels like a very fun step to bring art into the public space,” says Annika Hultgren & Nicklas Claesson, founders of Wall of Art.

About the Scarves:

“Spring figures” by Hanna Peterson - “I had a vision that the print would be filled with lots of different patterns so that when the scarf is worn, it shows a more abstract image, but if it is hung up, the figurative motif of two people wrapped tightly together is shown. A warm 60s/70s color scheme and imaginary flowers together with checks and stripes were my keywords, and I added white and lemon yellow to achieve a warm yet fresh spring feeling.”

“Shades of Spring” by Anna Mörner - “The inspiration for my scarf is the soft spring and its first days. Chlorophyll/leaf green meets light yellow and is illustrated in the flowers painted in oil color. Recurring and characteristic of my work are the rippling leaves and organic forms that are definitely found in this motif.”

“Peter losing Wendy” by Fabienne Meyer - “The story of Peter Pan and its main theme is a story that I often think about lately. I wanted to explore the idea of growing up and leaving behind the innocence and wonder of childhood while still longing for its simple joys.”

“Mimosa” by Mathilda Månsson - “This is an acrylic painting inspired by the simple beauty of the blooming nature and my never-ending longing for the Mediterranean. The motif is a still life from my home with a renovated urn and this year's first Mimosa bouquet. The earth tones make me feel warm and calm, and after this painting, I actually booked a ticket to Italy.”

The new Art Print collection from Wall of Art is exclusively sold on wallofart.se from April 27th.