Nicklas Randau

Written by Art & Culture

Originally from Skåne, Nicklas Landau is an abstract painter based in Malmö. The artist mainly relies on oil paint, using tools but also his hands to create his pieces. In order to achieve his desired effects he will work for extended durations, becoming immersed in his art work.

What are you working on right now? /Tell us about your exhibition during Stockholm Art Week?
I am working with a series of abstract images that I think are a bit like courtyards - you need a key and it takes a while before you as a viewer get access inside and can wander around there. The key in many cases is time and to some extent interest and patience. During Stockholm Art Week I will show oil paintings as well as works on paper.    

What inspired you to become an artist, and how has your artistic journey evolved over time?
I saw a feature film about the American painter Basquiat when I was 13 and bought paint and canvas the very next day. It was powerful to find something that could be creative and questioning at the same time as it was healing and therapeutic.   

What is your creative process like, and how do you approach developing new ideas and concepts for your work?
The creative process goes on, in a sense, around the clock. Information and experiences are gathered all the time and then processed on an intuitive level in the studio. Sometimes I have no idea why I'm painting something, but afterwards I can understand and kind of feel it - a bit like a dream that can take a while to decipher. Literature, film and music have a big impact but I can't explain how it happens.    

Can you tell me about a specific artwork or series of works that are particularly meaningful to you and why?
The drawings of the Swedish painter Carl Fredrik Hill are the first that come to mind, they are raw, childish, direct, imaginative and often extremely strange and beautiful.   

What do you think of Stockholm as an art city?
It seems to be vivid and alive again after the pandemic!

Do you have a favorite Swedish Artist?
I have tons of favorites but If I have to name only one I would say Åke Göransson has had a big impact on my own work.

Do you have a favorite bar or restaurant in Stockholm?
I live in Malmö but when I'm in Stockholm I like to visit Lao Wei for food, the Mediterranean Museum's cafe (drinking coffee overlooking several thousand year old sculptures and ceramics has a certain feeling) and then I think the bar Lochness is fun with its small batches of Czech pilsner!