image courtesy of Almost Naked Athletics

Almost Naked Athletics

Written by Fashion Tales

The new Brand Almost Naked Athletics is a dedication to all the strong, beautiful women that inspire us; Naked, raw, vulnerable. Without filters and 100 percent alive. We are in love with your glow, your power, your strength, your softness and your intelligence. Together we are crazily courageous and fantastic.

Far from being just another sports brand, we provide high energy lifestyle garments. Almost Naked Athletics aim for the crossing of swimwear and gymwear, injected with sculpted tailoring. We are a sportswear couture-brand, if you will.

Based in both classical tailoring and design, creator and founder Astrid Olsson puts high end fashion care and tailoring into every piece of Almost Naked Athletics clothing. All with the one true minimalistic aim – the female body in all its strength and all its perfection.

Astrid Olsson is an awarded fashion designer and tailor, and a trained pattern maker. She is best known as one of the creators behind the avant-garde fashion brand Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair and its sculptural pieces, for which she was awarded Elle Designer of the Year 2009 and Italian Vogue Newcomer of the Year 2011. She is passionate about her garments giving people energy and courage.

With Almost Naked Athletics Astrid is transferring female power, gain and effort into body sculpting dresses and minimal bikinis. A celebration of a life reflecting her own, of fitness, yoga and traveling. Her background as a professional dancer and as a costume maker for opera houses and theaters guarantees clothing meant for movement.

”The strive behind Almost Naked Athletics is that we actually do not need that much clothing and fashion to shine. And the whole project becomes a celebration of being a woman. The beauty, softness, curves and femininity but also the strength, the determination and the strive you find in a woman, in the female body, in her workouts and in life.”

Our main goal is to create beautiful pieces that will lead a long life in your wardrobe. We only use high quality fabrics and the highest level of craftsmanship throughout the whole production chain, our core belief that high quality leads to lower consumption in the long run.

Almost Naked Athletics, designed in Sweden, made in Portugal.