Filippa K Embarks on a Remarkable 30-Year Fashion Odyssey

Written by Astrid Birnbaum by Astrid Birnbaum

In a resplendent celebration, Filippa K commemorated a magnificent 30-year journey through the realms of fashion. This significant milestone heralds the brand's visionary trajectory under the guidance of Creative Director Liisa Kessler, as they rejuvenate their brand identity. The grand reveal of the 93 Monogram, a tribute to the brand's inception in 1993, epitomizes their dedication to their fashion legacy. The heart of Stockholm served as the canvas for an immersive experience during a late-night soirée that united devoted friends, fashion connoisseurs, and celebrities. The event reached its crescendo with an enthralling live performance by the musical sensation, Waterbaby. This mesmerizing blend of past glories and future ambitions encapsulated Filippa K's unwavering commitment to the world of fashion, design, and their cherished hometown of Stockholm, Sweden.