Aveny's Riviera-Inspired Collection: Elevating Everyday Elegance in Sustainable Style

Written by Alicia Hurst by Fashion Tales

Fresh from their family retreat in the South of France, Aveny presents a collection inspired by the laid back chic of the Riviera. Their 100% organic crochet pieces embody comfort and style, sourced responsibly with BCI or GOTS certified cotton from their trusted Istanbul producer.
Driven by a commitment to a sustainable future, they're blending fashion with responsibility. Life at Aveny is about simplicity and joy, reflected in their easy-going shapes and materials. As they mature into next season, expect more knitwear, comfortable suits, and dresses that embrace the balance of fun and sophistication.
In an increasingly digital world, they value in-person connections. Aveny stores are hubs of personality, adding depth and perspective to your shopping experience. Beyond aesthetics, their creations aim to be not just beautiful but also meaningful to those who wear them.

The inspiration behind your designs often comes from trips you've been on, tell us about your most recent trip and how that inspired your latest collection?
Our latest trip went to the south of France where we rented a house for the family. These laid back lazy days inspired us for this collection. The French know how to look suited in a very comfortable way. We felt that we wanted to be more dressed up in our way of approaching our daily life. We looked back to the 60/70 riviera jetset and developed a 100% organic croche

How does Aveny approach sustainability and ethical practices in its production process?
We carefully source our fabrics and textiles together with our producer in Istanbul. We work closely with the factory and we use only BCI or GOTS certified cotton. There are both ethical and practical reasons for us to commit and source for eco-friendly materials and fabrics when we develop our products.First and foremost is the reality that we only have one planet, and we all share it. We know that the fashion industry has a huge impact on the planet, and that impact affects all of us.We feel it’s important to take responsibility for the future. We constantly seek for development and we are upgrading our sustainable and environment friendly programs along our journey.

Aveny's clothing often balances style and comfort seamlessly. How important is it to the brand that its customers can enjoy fashion that is both multi-wear and cozy, and what is your philosophy around creating pieces that don't sacrifice one for the other?
The whole idea behind AVENY is this balance. We believe that if you feel comfortable you feel good and if you feel good you look good. As simple as that. We feel that life can be complicated as it is so why make it harder.

What are some of the upcoming trends or collections that Aveny is excited to share with its customers?
We love to explore and develop new easy going shapes in different materials. For the next collection we are looking into developing more knitwear, we dress up in comfy suits and dresses.You can say that Aveny is growing up to an adult who still likes to have some fun and not be too serious for next season.

How does Aveny engage with its community of customers and fans, and what role do they play in shaping the brand's direction?
We engage a lot physically through our own stores. We believe that in this digital world the IRL meetings are super important. We believe that personality gives identity and character, personality gives perspective, and when we embody new influences, we are enriched with a greater life. In AVENY we try to create something that just isn't esthetically beautiful but also meaningful to someone.