Charlotte Tilbury Presents her Holiday Campaign “Step Into Beauty Magic”

Written by Jahwanna Berglund by Filippa Finn

Charlotte Tilbury's vision collided with cosmic creativity when she crossed paths with music legend Elton John at Vicarage Road. Their meeting sparked “Step Into Beauty Magic” – a holiday campaign merging beauty and music with stars like Kate Moss and Elton.
Elton's 70s glam-rock spirit infused the campaign, celebrating 'Step into Christmas' 50th anniversary, coinciding with Charlotte Tilbury Beauty's 10-year milestone.
The Beautyverse Palette stole the spotlight, featuring Cyber Silver and Digital Lilac, setting new trends for festive glamour.
Beyond glamour, the campaign partnered with the Rocket Fund by Elton John AIDS Foundation, reflecting Charlotte's commitment to empower and spread joy.
This holiday, it's not just makeup; it's about confidence, purpose, and the magic of beauty – a vision Charlotte Tilbury crafted through iconic collaborations and a spirit of giving.

What inspired you to create this “out-of-this-world” holiday campaign with such an incredible lineup of celebrities and models?
Darlings, to create the most show-stopping holiday campaign ever, I've collaborated with a true global icon – Elton John! Does it get any more iconic than Elton? Together, we dreamt up a global, star-studded lineup with some of our talented friends that Elton and I both love working with, like my beauty muses Kate Moss, Jourdan Dunn, and Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, as well as amazing artists that Elton has championed, like Rina Sawayama. We also had my gorgeous nieces, Bella and Sofia Tilbury! Having everyone together on set really brought my vision of 'Club Magic' to life – it invites everyone to step into the beauty magic and celebrate the spirit of the holidays!
This campaign also has purpose at its heart. I am so honoured that as a brand, we are the official founding beauty partner of the Rocket Fund – powered by the Elton John AIDS Foundation. We want to shine a light on those most at risk from HIV and inspire everyone, everywhere to live a life filled with confidence, happiness, and joy!

Could you share some insights into the creative process behind the campaign and how it all came together?
This partnership all started when I watched Elton perform with our gorgeous friend Kate Moss at Vicarage Road last year. I was so mesmerised backstage on that magical night, and that's when it became crystal clear that we had to join forces and spread the magic! Elton has this magnetic energy that I just adore! We channelled his 70s glam-rock style into every look and every moment throughout this campaign. I always say that music, just like makeup, has this transformative power to morph your mood and change your frequency. It can bring so much joy into our lives! That's why I knew it wouldn't be a party without Elton's iconic anthem 'Step into Christmas,' which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! And darlings, everyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with number synergies! Not only does this year mark 50 years of 'Step into Christmas,' but it's also Charlotte Tilbury Beauty's 10-year anniversary! This was a partnership written in the stars!

Elton John is an iconic figure in the music industry. How did his involvement in the campaign influence the overall message and theme?
Elton is an icon! He's a creative, a Renaissance man, and a true musical genius loved by generations! We have so many magical memories together, from Vogue covers to Oscar parties to Glastonbury – the list goes on. That's why this is the most magical collaboration I could have ever dreamed of! He shares my love of the holiday season and is always at the top of my list when I'm gifting my legendary holiday stockings! He even has his own “Magic Elton” engraved pot of my award-winning Magic Cream! Elton has been such an inspiration to me throughout my life and career, so I wanted to pay homage to his global influence on style, music, and more with a star-studded rock star clutch in my limited edition Rocket Collection!
It is such an honour and a privilege to be the first-ever beauty partner of the Rocket Fund, powered by the Elton John AIDS Foundation. His involvement in this campaign has allowed us to use our global media platforms to speak to those impacted and to be part of their mission to end AIDS forever.

Kate Moss is a recurrent face in your campaigns. How did her style and personality contribute to this holiday campaign's aesthetic?
Kate has been my friend and beauty muse since we both started out in the 90's, and a part of the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty journey since the beginning! She is even the godmother to my son! There is only one Kate Moss!
I'm so proud to have Kate star in so many of my campaigns, from my Beautiful Skin Foundation to my Pillow Talk Party and my new showstopping holiday campaign! Our night at Vicarage Road, where Elton sang 'Tiny Dancer' to Kate, was the inspiration for my new limited edition lipstick - Rocket Girl! I bottled her beauty DNA to innovate the most flattering, cool-girl, nudey-pink tone! Everyone who loves my original 'Nude Kate' lipstick needs this in their life!

You've also involved your nieces, Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury and Bella Broekman-Tilbury. What was it like working with family on such a campaign?
For me, the holidays are all about spending time with family and loved ones, so it was amazing to work on this holiday campaign with my gorgeous, talented nieces, Bella and Sofia! I'm so lucky to be able to work so closely with my family – we've shared countless magical moments together over the years!
Using Kate's 2009 Met Gala gilded glamour look as a reference, Sofia used my new Beautyverse Palette to create Kate's hypnotising look for the holiday campaign! She pressed the Crystal Glow and Party Topper shades Cyber Silver and Beautyverse onto the lids for the ultimate glam rock glow!

Can you give us a glimpse into the key elements and products featured in the campaign? What should consumers be excited about this holiday season?
Darlings, I'm known as a magic gifting fairy by all my friends and family! I love spreading joy, light, and magic with my perfectly packaged gifts! My magic gifting universe is a treasure trove full of the most unicorn, viral, sell-out sensation trinkets, treats, and treasures! There is something for everyone - it’s gifting made easy and guaranteed gifting happiness!
I could never choose just one product – that would be like choosing a favourite child! But one gift that everyone is completely obsessed with is my new holiday innovation – the Beautyverse Palette. This is a palette of trends, featuring everything from Latte Eyes to Strawberry Girl to Glitter Girl, and the ones I’m predicting as the next big things – Cyber Silver and Digital Lilac! The rich, multi-dimensional pixel pigment formula is so buttery and as smooth as silk! It’s creaseless, self-priming, self-blending, and self-gripping so it never goes blotchy, patchy, or dry! Everyone was obsessed with my Cyber Silver shade at my ‘Club Magic’ party in Paris! It plays with the light to give that cool-girl chrome effect, as well as giving everyone bigger, brighter eyes! They’re so easy to apply, just swipe, glide, and press to pop!

In the beauty and fashion industry, holiday campaigns often carry a deeper message. What message or feeling do you hope to convey with this campaign?
Purpose really is at the heart of this campaign and this holiday season; it is my mission to give the magic of confidence to everyone, everywhere. I've always thought that life is all about confidence – when you feel confident, it unlocks your full potential, creates opportunity, and changes your life. That’s why I am so proud and honoured that as a brand, we are the official founding beauty partner of the Rocket Fund – powered by the Elton John AIDS Foundation. I truly believe in the virtuous circle of life - giving back and doing something wonderful that changes the world!! Through this campaign, we want to shine a spotlight on those who are most at risk from HIV and inspire and empower everyone, everywhere to live a life filled with confidence, happiness, and joy!

How do you see the role of makeup and beauty in the holiday season, and how does this campaign reflect that vision?
Darlings, I think every holiday look should be gorgeous, glamorous, and glowing – and I have the perfect holiday hack! My new Hollywood Blush & Glow Glide Palette captures that iconic Barbiecore pink trend and bottles old Hollywood light tricks to flatter and illuminate the face. Jourdan Dunn was obsessed with this when she wore it on set! Anyone who loves my iconic Cheek to Chic Blusher and my Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter will adore this - it’s the secret to dreamy, love-blushed, glowing cheeks!

Could you share any memorable moments or stories from the behind-the-scenes of this project?
We had such an unforgettable day on set filming this campaign, filled with laughter, music, and dancing. We really bottled the euphoric energy of the holidays – from the star-studded lineup to the Club Magic set, the dancers, and the styling! While we were getting ready backstage, everyone was picking out all the trinkets and treats they wanted to gift to their loved ones this year! Kate fell in love with my new Superstar Glow Kit! It’s two of my viral, sell-out sensation Beauty Light Wands! There’s a reason these went viral on TikTok – they’re infused with my one-of-a-kind glow gel technology for a high-gloss highlight that stays dewy and plays with the light beautifully! As I always say, 'One dot for day, two dots for disco!'