Written by Jahwanna Berglund

Punk + tweed = a colorful Chanel story by Virginie Viard

For this year's Métiers d’art collection, Chanel traveled to Manchester, UK.

Manchester has a rich history rooted in the textile industry, which made the city a notable player in the evolution of fashion. In the 19th century, the city was a powerhouse for cotton and textile production, earning the nickname “Cottonopolis.”

Gabrielle Chanel herself also had a big love for Great Britain and often visited the islands.One part that had a big impression in particular and influenced her was Scotland. Coco started visiting Scotland around 1924 when she met with Huge Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of Westminster.

It was also here that Gabrielle discovered the tweed fabric, something Scotland had been famous for since the early 19th century, worn both by farmers and the upper-class, particularly for outdoor activities like hunting.

The tweed came to shape some of Chanel’s most enduring designs and maybe one of the most iconic pieces from the house, the Chanel tweed jacket.

This year, Virginie Viard, creative director of the powerful fashion house Chanel reflected back on her own history and the influence Britain had had on the house over the years.

Tweed is central to this collection. I thought a lot about Gabrielle Chanel but I didn’t want to recreate Coco’s look, when she was wearing the Duke of Westminster’s jackets. I took my cue from the Coco who brought colour to her tweeds. I added a vibrant, pop spirit to them.

For me, Manchester is the city of music, ” says Virginie Viard.  It incites creation.

Manchester has given birth to a large number of legendary bands from the early 1960’s until today and these talents have influenced not only other musicians but also the fashion industry.

Mirroring the history of the house's long standing love for Great Britain in a chic, elegant and punk way she mixed the history of the house with her own life and cultural experiences.

With some punk and color she uplifted the gloomy city of Manchester.
Tweed in a retro pastel color palette styled with pearls and leather, the models unveiled the collection to the mixed sound of  British punk and pop hits like
David Holmes & Raven Violet’s “Necessary Genius” , New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle”,
Cilla Black’s “Anyone Who Had” and a grand finale with New Order’s “Blue Monday” blasting from the speakers.

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