photography Sandra Myhrberg

fashion Merilin Kermas Mardo


top By Malina
metal face jewellery La Petite Mort

earrings Miriam Bryant x the HÖGDALEN

Exploring the Multifaceted World of Ros

Written by Emil Björnius by pari

In the ever-evolving domains of music and fashion, few artists like Ros embody the spirit of transformation and creativity. Born in Gävle and raised in Lund, Ros's journey began in the culinary world, apprenticing as a chef at Daniel Berlin Krog, now known as Vyn. However, when Stockholm called in 2016, it was clear that her destiny was in the creative industry.

Tell us a bit about your background?
I'm originally from Gävle but grew up in Lund. Post high school, I started as a chef apprentice at Daniel Berlin Krog, now Vyn, in Skåne's Tranås. After a year there, I continued exploring the culinary world. In 2016, I moved to Stockholm, where I've been ever since. Music entered my life in 2017 thanks to my friend and producer, Isak Von Haartman. That's about when I started making music, initially for fun but quickly became a passion. Alongside music, I've always worked as a chef, so these are my two greatest passions.

Your latest single, “Holy Shit”, has a raw sound. How much “pop” is Ros in 2023?
“Holy Shit” is indeed raw. It's created uniquely, with the beat comprising sounds from a doorbell, a staircase, and an elevator. These little things make it feel different and raw. I'm leaning more towards dance music but am open to experimenting with whatever I like. I'm not fixed on one sound; it constantly evolves like humans.

As someone who's been genre-defying since your debut in 2017, what drives Ros's musical direction?
I wouldn't say I like feeling trapped by people's expectations. I want to do what feels fun, which isn't always easy. I express myself through style and an overall aesthetic rather than musical prowess. This ignorance frees me from the notions of right and wrong, leading me to unexplored places.

In a previous interview, you mentioned that your three greatest passions in life are food, music, and fashion. How do you define your style?
My style constantly changes. I'm pretty ordinary, yet I love to stand out and be creative. I enjoy adding unique details to simple things. There are two sides to me: one that loves to blend in and another that adores being a showstopper.

You've openly talked about your anxiety. How does it influence your music?
Anxiety has had a massive role in my music, from the lyrics to the creation process. Making music can be anxiety-inducing, but over the years, through therapy and ageing, I've learned it's a waste of time to dwell on it. I won't let anxiety dictate my music anymore.

What are your plans for 2024?
To keep having fun and possibly let Ros evolve beyond music. I love creating and reaching out to people. I plan to explore new paths, not necessarily confined to music production.

Having collaborated with various artists, who would you love to work with next?
I'd love to work with Yeager. She's incredible. Leila K would also be fantastic to collaborate with.

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ros necklace Made by Stylist
nail jewellery Made by Ros, the artist
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stockings Fen Bao
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ros necklace Made by Stylist

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silver trousers By Malina
shoes Zara
bracelet Martina Jansson
ring Efva Attling

photography Sandra Myhrberg

fashion Merilin Kermas Mardo

hair & makeup Miranda Wehlin

photography assistant Rebecka Barlach

special thanks to Garlic & Shots


fishnet body Stylist's Own
latex trousers Ahlvar Gallery
nipple covers H&M
boots Steve Madden
necklace Artist’s own

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