Creative Headz launches its own product range

Written by Fashion Tales

Pump up the volume! Creative Headz salon chain is launching a product line for both men and women, developed by expert hairdressers. The initial release includes essentials like texture spray and dry shampoo, with more to come soon!

Everyone wants to be their best self, their most stylish ever! With nearly 20 years in the industry, Creative Headz is cranking up the volume, refreshing tired hairstyles and keeping them in place! Their unisex products are meticulously crafted by experienced hairdressers who live and breathe hair. The aim is to give customers the right conditions to succeed with salon-worthy styling - at home.

Based in Stockholm, Creative Headz is one of Sweden's largest salon chains and the only one owned and operated by women. Behind the ten salons are sisters Nathalie Akgün, founder and creative director, and Joceline Akgün, CEO. The dream of their own product line has long been in the works, but gained traction when the hairdressing industry was hit hard by the pandemic. From the outset, it has been important for the sisters to create a creative environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. That spirit also permeates the products, which are high quality, easy to use, made in Sweden, and priced affordably at £22 each.

“We want more people to afford really good hair products. In a few years, we hope that hair styling will have the same status as skincare,” says Joceline Akgün.

The first product release is available at Creative Headz salons now, and soon will be in the company's new online store. More future styling favorites will be launched in 2024. The new webshop will be available from the beginning of march

Image courtesy of Carl Thorborg and Creative Headz


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