photography Hampus Forssander

Lars Wallin x Enzo Bartoli Rosato

Written by Fashion Tales

In celebration of the arrival of spring, Lars Wallin and Enzo Bartoli Rosato are launching a collaboration where rosé wine is draped in couture. The internationally acclaimed fashion designer has crafted a new visual expression for the popular rosé wine and designed a blush shimmering couture dress to be worn at selected events. The dress will later be auctioned off. The limited edition of Enzo Bartoli Rosato will be available on the shelves of Systembolaget from April 9th.

It has been five years since Lars Wallin met Enrico Gobino, marketing manager at MGM Mondo del Vino and producer of wines from Piedmont, including the legendary Enzo Bartoli. The dream of uniting their passions for fashion and wine has been present since their initial meeting, resulting in both the “Friends of Enzo” circle and the current collaboration with Enzo Bartoli Rosato.

“It has been incredibly enjoyable to embark on this unique collaboration with my friends Enrico Gobino and Andreas Wickman at Lively Wines. Having the opportunity to interpret rosé wine through a couture dress made from the finest Italian fabrics has been a delight. The dress will also feature a label with the text Fabulous in rosé * Enzo Bartoli Edizione Lars Wallin* Suddenly the world seems to be such a perfect place*. The label gives the impression that the fabric is draped around the edges, and the bottle boasts a beautiful glass cork. Our intention is for the bottle to be reusable,” says Lars Wallin.

An Interpretation of the Rosé Season

The couture dress and the new label's forms and visual expressions symbolise Lars Wallin's interpretation of Enzo Bartoli Rosato and the rosé season. Here, we see a feminine edge with attitude, summery tones, and light transparent materials. The pink dress is a tuxedo dress with a train. Layers upon layers of silk organza and tulle, with the base being a shimmering silk charmeuse woven with silver threads to create a metallic effect. The fabrics are produced by the renowned textile manufacturer Canepa at Lake Como, which was also the location where photographer Hampus Forssander captured the beautiful atmospheric images.

“We are immensely proud of our wines and our loyal friends 'Friends of Enzo'. That's why it's particularly exciting that Lars, who knows us and our wines so well, has created his interpretation for this year's limited edition,” says Enrico Gobino.

photography Hampus Forssander