photography Julia Sixtensson

Dr. Martens x Venus Rami "Archive Sandals" Collection

Written by Fashion Tales

Odalisque sat down and talked with Venus Rami about her music and Dr Martens. With Iranian heritage, spent her early years on the Swedish west coast, listening to Googoosh and Timbaland and later on she immersed in Stockholm's vibrant underground and queer scene where every sonic encounter sculpted her artistic vision. Venus's sound is a vibrant tapestry of influences. Drawing from contemporary R&B, ingenious pop production, and the emotional depth of 2000s indie, her music resonates with a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation. All can be heard as subtle traces in the music she now creates as Venus Anon. In April 2023, Venus released 'Nocturnal' – a seven-track mixtape that truly set the tone for her magical sound world. The release was followed by performances at festivals around the Nordic region, including Way Out West in Gothenburg and By:Larm in Oslo - as well as a sold-out headline show in London. 'Nocturnal' was praised by several critics, including one of today's most prominent music journalists, Anthony Fantano (The Needle Drop). In the spring of 2024, Venus was also nominated for a Grammis award in the Soul/RnB category. In 2024, Venus Anon returns with a new EP.

What inspired you to become a musician?
Music! Listening to music has always felt like transcending reality. Hearing my dad sing in the shower, never shutting up myself, I don’t know—at this point, I just feel like I would die without it.

Is there a specific genre that you take after?
I've grown up with R&B, Grunge, Hip hop, and Persian music. I think the mix is kind of detectable, whether I want it to be or not.

How do you like the Swedish music scene?
I think it’s amazing and that the underground/alternative scene is severely underrated. The impact that it's had on the more commercial side is truly palpable, with good reason.

Is there anything you think is missing and could be improved?
I think that it would be great if there was a bit more diversity in the people being booked/awarded… some of the most talented artists in Stockholm have a hard time getting exposure because of this.

What are your plans for the future?
To keep making music that resonates with me. To give back to my community someday.

Can you tell us about your creativity process and how you approach starting a new piece?
I get very inspired by other forms of art or bodies of music. I read a book and get obsessed with the type of narration it uses, watch a movie that changes my life, or find the first stuff an artist ever released and indulge. I like the early stuff people do a lot; it’s usually very raw and eclectic and less worried about how it will be received.

Who would be your dream collaborator to make music with?
I think Little Dragon, Oklou, and Tirzah. I also want to say Frank Ocean, but I think I would simply faint.

What is your best memory of Dr. Martens?
I remember buying my first Dr. Martens as a 13-year-old on Blocket, kind of like Swedish eBay. They were these platform ones, not the modern ones like the Jadon boots but like REAL heavy-duty boots. I loved them so much even though they looked nothing like the dainty ones that were trending in 2012 and felt so powerful stomping into school with them. Actually, I think one of my best memories, ironically, is when someone at school made a snarky comment about them. I remember feeling like my taste is truly something special, and that the people who get it, get it. In my arrogant teenage mind, it just consolidated my belief that I was somehow the main character— LOL.

When thinking of the Dr. Martens “Archive Sandal” collection, is there any clothing fit you directly want to match the shoes with?
With juxta-posed pieces! They are very structured and edgy; I would love a worn-out baby tee with a bikini under and a crochet skirt. Or like a long flowy skirt. Skirts in general. Big like with Dr. Martens!

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