• Here's an update on what I'm up to with my full-service jewelry manufacturing facility and design house, Casting de Khrysopoeia

    We are honored to work with Detroit Is The New Black on bringing their founder, Roslyn Karamoko's jewelry ideas from concept to creation. 
    After completing a 1- hour long Design Consultation with our Founder, Karissma Yve and our Director of Design.  We were able to hone in on Roslyn's desire to develop a jewelry collection to add to her brand of clothing, home goods and other design conscious accessories. We love working with brands that instill meaning into their products. Yes -  Our focus is quality made products that are high in design and the fine craftsmanship that goes each and every piece of jewelry.  We are conscious of the fact that our clients' customers rarely buy what they do, rather they buy into the meaning that exists within the products and why we, as creators, create them. So we help manifest these meanings in jewelry and in this case, .925 Sterling Silver. 

    Our founder, Karissma Yve spoke with Roslyn Karamoko about the experience of having her hand in Jewelry design for the first time…

    Read more on Casting de Khrysopoeia 

    Love, Karissma Yve
  • The most amazing thing about it all is the ability to be able to do what I love.

    It's a challenge, really. I wouldn't be surpised if it came out that, that this is one of the reasons I do it. 
    Forever chasing the moments (and the money) so that I can do it. I need to sustain the substance.

    I often think about what pulls me to jewelry making and more recently 3D printing jewelry made up of the chemical compositions of tears and more specifically, its typography.

    Is it the Possibility and Hope? Is it that I am among those yearning for Liberation? Or is it that I just need to release that which lives within me?

    Maybe it is no one thing. But that I am made to do it.

    Everyday is a new challenge. A new beast to be conquered. 

    Yet - I am reflecting on where I was before this. I'm embracing the challenges, the desire to push the boundaries of design and the process on becoming my best self…

    [until next time]

    Cozy in XENOPHORA, Comme des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto and Paco Rabanne

    Love, Karissma Yve
  • You imagine the bath tub running over and filling your concrete and steel Quonset hut.

    Like a jelly fish, you float and you dance. How calming this is.

    You are here in this fish tank with its backwall a steel reinforced polycarbonate sheet.

    It's lines refract the suns rays and fill the space.

    Bubbles from agitating the water from movement appear.

    It's a constellation, similar to the one on your face.

    You grow 2 legs and 2 arms, a head and a torso.

    Inside of your ribs cage within your torso is a beating heart.

    The locking hairs which have sprouted from your heads scalp are like tentacles.

    Hold on to your heart, honey. Keep it moving… 

    Love, Karissma Yve


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