• Hi there! Last night my dear friend wrote to me and asked if I wanted to come to his friend's new Club at Café UFO in Hornstull, Hornhuset. So I made up myself, jumped in a pair of crazy pants, threw on my new white fluffy jacket and purse then I was ready to go! The atmosphere there was very nice and the music was on top! I liked the interior design because it was a little darkened and industrially but with warm copper colors.

    The photos is taken by Romain Duquesne for Oyster Magazine “Cath The Light”. 

    I wanted to show them because they really got me and her face describe my mood today.


    Love, Mia Ekström
  • Hey everyone, I hope u all had a great evening and did something that made u feel well or happy. I'm just sitting here, scrolling down some tumblrs and thinking about what to do with my hair. Someday I will cut bang but not tonight, tomorrow or next week or I don't know. Anyway I got stuck with bangs, dark hair and black and white pictures from new and different tumblrs tonight.. hehe, enjoy.

    pictures from: irissvenson.tumblr.com ek-archive.tumblr.com (mine) and violasparkles.tumblr.com


    Tags: HAIR.
    Love, Mia Ekström
  • The famous Leonardo DiCaprio turned 40 yesterday and he still look fab and handsome as always!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ARREARS LEO! Pictures from google in his young years.

    Love, Mia Ekström


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