• just found this amazing, most intense and beautiful video I have ever seen and the song is just love love love!

    Can not describe actually. This is typical me, because when I see something that I really love, I directly get inspired and stuck. I have prt screen the photos from the video because some moments in the video really took me away.

    btw, I am feeling pretty much good right now. lots of love 2 ya all.


    Love, Mia Ekström
  • okey, this week is over. I have to get things together and myself. I don't know what to think about but one thing is that i just saw this amazing clothes from Dion Lee.

    pictures from http://modaoperandi.com

    xx lots of love

    Love, Mia Ekström
  • Hey! Yeah, my title describes my last days without wifi pretty good because i have not been able to have wifi at home, at all. Because my wifi went out and had to wait until a new month, which is today! So i have almost been updated every minute.. hehe nerd. Anyway I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite “anonymous-art-pictures” that I have found at different tumblrs before I fall asleep.


    Love, Mia Ekström


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