• I went to Rotterdam's Wereldmuseum with the other day to visit POWER MASK - an exhibition curated by my design professor and head of Antwerp Fashion Department, fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck. It explores masks of all kinds from around the world in context of geography and culture as well as fashion, art and western pop culture. I think it was especially interesting because of its uniqueness in combinition of different cultures, which I've experienced at no other exhibition before. Definitely worth a visit if you've got your ways by the Netherlands!

    Love, Linus Leonardsson
  • Another new Björk video that is beyond beautiful! Next week the entire album will be released, and I can't wait for it. 

    Tags: Björk, Music.
    Love, Linus Leonardsson
  • Got this pair of Acne Studios resin earrings as a birthday gift to myself after having kept an eye on them for a while. Although simple in construction and material, I can't help but loving them anyhow <3 

    Tags: Acne Studios.
    Love, Linus Leonardsson


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