• The new video for Björk's just released single The Gate is absolutely beautiful. More than worth watching at least once, and same goes for many of her other videos too.

    Tags: Music, Björk.
    Love, Linus Leonardsson
  • Just returned from a final vacation before school starts next week. Spent the weekend in Naples and Capri, and damn Capri is beautiful. It's truly unique to anything else I've seen before, with the most breathtaking variations in mountain landscape. Naples felt like its complete opposite instead, although just being an hour away by boat - dirty and polluted, but still interesting to visit.

    Tags: Travels.
    Love, Linus Leonardsson
  • Official trailer of the upcoming biopic on Grace Jones! Can't wait to see it. The upcoming Toronto Film Festival will premiere it, so hopefully it won't take too long until it hits the internet or cinema around…

    Love, Linus Leonardsson


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