Explore the steamy depth of a spicy forest with the new hand soap, the hand cream of the body oil and the bath oil. Inspired by Assam, the hypnotic but also slightly unknown birthplace of the Oudh in northern India, this is the most precious collection. It contains oudh chords, also known as the liquid gold, and true gold flags to give a decadent experience beyond the ordinary. Molton Brown is one of very few scent experts who elevates oudh in bath and body collections, making these hand care and nourishing additions exceptional.

”” A refined scent of dark complexity that opens with citrus-like bergamot and spicy cardamom leafs. A floral heart of elemi and black tea contrasts with a dark bass. Berusande oudh, sensual golden honey, intense and woody vetiver against a snout of hot myrrh. “Philippe Bousseton, Master Perfumer

The new outstanding products of complete luxury sweep into the bathroom like warm, steamy and intoxicating aromas. Exclusive 24-color gold flags are delicately packed in the hand soap, while the rich magnificent bath oil and body oil glow in the glass bottle. The daily routines turn into extraordinary, luxurious moments.

Molton Brown Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Hand & Bathing Luxuries are available at Åhléns, Nordiska Kompaniet and Kicks.se from September 2018.

The Odalisque favourite is the Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Fine Liquid Hand Wash, get yours - here!