lescarf – new swedish scarf brand

The exclusive scarf brand lescarf, created by Natalie Karlsson and Karin Bylund, was launched in september 2018. The idea of the brand is to add a line of stylish and timeless scarves that works all year round and to all kinds of garments.

“We felt that this was missing on the market. A scarf brand that focuses on the timeless accessory that the scarf has always been. In our first collection we have chosen to release two patterned models in two different colors, one all black and one that is embellished by our logo, “says Natalie.

“I’m excited to do this together with Natalie. The two of us have got a long experience of working in the fashion industry, where we found each other and became very close to friends more than ten years ago,” adds Karin.

lescarf is available online at www.le-scarf.com