Visualisterna launch ”boob by” t-shirt

In aid of breast cancer research, Tove Castor and Karin Uggla, the stylist duo behind Visualisterna, have designed the t-shirt ”boob by”. During October all proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research.

Why a breast?

Well, how do you visualize breast cancer? We think the lack of a breast, that emptiness, is a really strong visual expression. At the same time, we want to use the breast to praise all the amazing women in the world – so we designed a stylish t-shirt with attitude, that can be styled in lots of different ways for years to come.

Who will be wearing your t-shirt?

We’re very sure that lots of people will want to wear a breast with pride and at the same time contribute to breast cancer research. The t-shirt is unisex and comes in sizes S-L. Breast cancer is something that affects everyone – she’s someone’s mum, sister or life partner.

Go get your own boob t-shirt for yourself or a fellow sister or brother - here!