No look is hotter than this gorgeous “granny dresses” and printed prairie blouses. Cool girls from NYC to Stockholm are reviving the quintessential seventies look, bringing an haute-farmgirl beauty to rarefied urban settings. Our take on this charming trend is adorned with delicate flowers and looks best with our sorbet-colored series of sweetheart chain purses.

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By only producing small quantities of each product, shortening the production process and incorporating leftover materials from high-end brands, they keep cost down and waste to a minimum while staying relevant. While they never compromise on quality, our ethics always come first. They are proud to work with the finest artisans near Florence. Throughout their supply chain, they rigorously and wholeheartedly abide by the Code of Conduct, based on ILO Conventions for labor practices and the UN’s Declaration on Human Rights, setting standards for labor rights and safety practices.