The Swedish watch company Carl Edmond, with owners as Hollywood actor Joel Kinnaman and ice hockey legend Peter Forsberg, launches updated models this fall.

Swedish watch company Carl Edmond launched in September 2017. The company focuses on well-designed and simplistic watches with great quality. The brand continues to grow rapidly and has already been established in key-markets around the world with over 200 retailers. Despite the affordable price, the watches have attracted celebrities and royals alike, having been spotted on HRH Prince Daniel and are frequently worn by the co-owners and ambassadors Joel Kinnaman and Peter Forsberg.

The brand is updating its collections this October, in which their most popular models, Ryolit and Granit, will be released with new metal bands and colors, including gold, rose gold, silver and other exciting options. Ryolit is an elegant, classic round watch while Granit is a rather bold square model. The watches are designed by the renowned Swiss designer Eric Giroud, who has previously created designs for luxury brands such as Rolex and Vacheron Constantin.

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