The ONE is a leave-in spray made for all hair types and which repair damage from heat, styling or environmental damage. Enriched with pure keratin and minerals from the dead sea. Contains heat protection and anti-frizz while maintaining color retention. The spray appears to be investigative, improves the result of placement and prevents broken peaks while giving the hair a nice shine with volume.

Now feel like you need to add that little something to your hair, dont you?! Get it here!

1. Repairs dry & damaged hair
2. Frizz control
3. Heat protection
4. Renews & revitalizes Color
5. Detangles knots
6. Glamour & shine
7. Improves the results of straightening treatments
8. Long-lasting hairstyle
9. Prevents split ends
10. Adds volume and body

Spray on hair when wet or dry and comb through. When applying color, spray The ONE onto each section to treat hair with a layer of minerals.

Enriched with 26 Active Dead Sea minerals
Pure Keratin
Obliphica Oil
Pistachio Oil
Macadamia Oil