Luxurious cardigan made in a supreme yarn with the longest and softest hairs of Cashmere, Mohair and Llama. Extraordinary soft to touch and wear. It is long and has open front and rounded front hem. It has volumous raglan sleeves. It is warm and has a light wooly feeling.

This garment is un dyed and toxic free. The shades comes from natural wool.

This is the only long cardigan you will ever need in your wardrobe, it´s as perfect for cold winter indoors as for cool summernights outdoors. Get yours here!

About ORES

A  fashion label truly dedicated to design and textile.
The collections consists of exclusive items with limited edition.
Our deepest passion is the raw material, that the clothes are made of.
Each garment has many values; it is thoughtfully designed and fitted,
We develop textile from scratch mainly using silk and wool. The material is high quality made to have the right handfeel, texture, weight etc.

Our design aesthetics is strong, with statement silhouettes, yet wearable and cool with a modern, fresh feeling.
We are naturally sustainable, using organic, eco-friendly material and choosing conscious suppliers and methods.

Every season a new collection is launched with new fresh design and qualities.
Our mission is to create a fashion label that people trust and rely on, without ever getting boring.
-Good is not enough!

ORES was launched on August 3rd 2018
Founded by Lisa Thörnqvist in Stockholm, Sweden