Baume 27 is a regenerating, repairing, intense global anti-aging and anti-wrinkle face care. Its exceptional effectiveness is due to the action of 3 natural extracts of CentellaAsiatica (Asiaticoside, Madecassocide, Asiatic Acid) which form the patented MA2 Complex (innovation patent) . It is combined with a selection of natural high performance active ingredients to provide a global regenerating, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, nourishing and soothing action.

Baume 27 significantly regenerates the skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen (4 types of collagen) and proteoglycans, essential protein and glycan components of the skin tissue *. It also reinforce the skin‘s own defenses against the oxidative agents and free radicals responsible for skin ageing – clinically tested (1)

The results are soon visible: the skin is deeply restructured and revitalized. Its density, firmness, elasticity and tone are restored. The complexion appears more radiant and healthy!

Exclusively sold at FAB LAB in Stockholm.

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The first product Baume 27 was a cream she initially brought along with a doctor for the aftercare of scarring. An important ingredient in Baume is Centella Asiatica, so-called Salad Spikblad in Swedish. This ingredient is included in many of the skin care series products. In the first year, her Baume was the only product that was produced, and it was initially sold only at the Colette store in Paris.

The product series contains 11 products. All serum, essence, oil and baume can be mixed with each other. This will enable you to build your own formulation of day and night cream, and be able to customize your formulation according to season and needs. Michéle would create few products that could be customized individually because you know your skin very well. The idea of ​​the products is therefore not to put them in stock without mixing them in the palm of the hand before application. When mixing the products, you also facilitate the penetration of the various ingredients in the skin.

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