This little, fantastic but still spacious 3-in-1-bag is the perfect companion. Carry the Little Curie as a:

1.     Shopper

2.     Backpack

3.     Cross body bag

Just change the straps to make it fit your moment. Made in Spain by beautiful genuine Spanish calf leather and suede. The inside is provided with an inner pocket for your laptop.

Height: 27 cm

Width: 42 cm

Inner pocket width: 24cm Outer pocket width: 18cm

Straps: 2,5cm x 85cm

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Aboout Bukvy: 

The Stockholm based company Bukvy was founded by Joanna Bark and Elena Ekström in 2015. It started with an idea of the ultimate bag. One bag in many forms, evolving as life does. Two friends with jobs on the run, living apart relationships, nights out, many activities in one day and too many things to carry. Two friends with bags, backpacks, totes and clutches to fit their daily belongings: computer, sketch block, wallet, lunch box, gym clothes, keys, books, snacks, glasses, phone, clothes and so on. Knowing eachother already as kids, we dreamed about making the ultimate escape and survival bag. It needed to float, contain milkshake, fit life in space and hopefully a best friend. Today our dreams are still big but in new ways. From what started as a longing to be on the run, a desire to be free and the satisfaction of knowing where your belongings are ended up in a life project. It has taken hours of construction, discussion, craftsmanship, and testing to get to the final result and it is with great pride we are giving you our ultimate bag – the Bukvy Bag. Our first bag was made in Spain by genuine calf leather and goat suede. Today we produce our items in both Spain and Portugal in carefully chosen studios. It is a small but focused collection made to simplify and organize the daily life of urban people through a combination of function and aesthetics.