London's fragrance expert Molton Brown launches a decadent mature scent of abundance with the limited-release new Muddled Plum family. Juicy Victoria plums from Sussex in England, fermented in honey-enriched fruit juice that drops into a distilled dark, rich rum. As a finishing touch, spicy saffron is added for a pleasant long-lasting heat. “Muddled Plum is a solemn fragrance that is filled with festive spirit. Notes of stored rum give this fragrance its signature: playful but at the same time ripe. Mild submerged plums, mixed in luxurious spices and sprinkled with frosty sugar, set the initial tone. accents and fresh white flowers are mixed with the richest heat of sandalwood, which leaves a rare and at the same time enchanting aroma.”

Just about time to smoke that christmas tree out of the house - right?!